Thursday, March 19, 2009

#23 - ORDER in an UnOrderly World

NOTE: For the sake of orderly fashion, I will be having this post in two parts to make it a little easier for reading so if you feel it's too much to read at one time - you can read this a little more piecemeal.


In a few short weeks, we will be celebrating an event that takes place only a few times in our lifetime on this planet. As I wrote about it a few months ago, I am referring to an event that happens every 28 years. As a review, let's quote the original source as written in the Babylonian Talmud in Berachot 59b:

"When seeing the sun at its Tekufah, the moon at its strength, the stars in their paths, and the Zodiacal constellations in their order, one says Blessed be the Maker of creation. "

"And when does this happen? "

"Abaye said: Every 28 years when the cycle begins again and the Nissan equinox falls into Saturn on the evening of Tuesday, going into Wednesday."

Basically, what this is saying is that every 28 years, the sun returns to the same spot at the Nissan or spring equinox.

Really? When is the REAL equinox? Well, this year it falls out on March 20, at 1:44 PM or 13:44 Israel time (7:44 AM EST). Yet, we will not be saying this blessing at this time until the 14th of Nissan, almost three weeks later!

So, are there really two spring equinoxes here? Or, maybe some kind of mistake happened on the calendar at one point; but nevertheless, we follow a calculation that we are already used to even it it doesn't truly reflect what is going on? But how can this be? The equinox on March 20 doesn't fall out on Tuesday evening or Wednesday by day!

You are right. The true equinox really falls out on March 20, nearly three weeks earlier than we say the blessing over this. And the reason for this discrepancy is actually based on an difference of opinion between two Talmudic Sages - Rav Ada and Shmuel.

The way we have it worked for the Birkat HaChama, blessing Hashem for the sun "in the same position every 28 years" is that we follow a pattern of 91 days, 7 and 1/2 hours for every season. Thus, it follows a strict solar calendar pattern of 365 days a year, except for leap years of 366 days. This is how the sage Shmuel calculates the seasons.

Rav Ada, however, insists that the true calculation is slightly less; thus, approximately every 315 years, there is in fact one day less in the calculation. And since the world has been in existance for 5769 years, it indeed comes out to the equinox on March 20.

So, the question begs to be asked? Was Shmuel that unlearned of the exact knowledge that Rav Ada had? And if he really was indeed a seasoned sage, how could he purposely make such a blunder for convenience of rounding off a period of time for a blessing that is in fact based on non-factual information which would be a blessing made in vain if in fact the sun is NOT in that exact position 28 years later on the exact time and day of the week?!

Before we go on answering the question here, this whole thing about making a blessing on seeing the sun is perhaps the biggest paradox in Jewish Law. The following is a list of other matters that complicate the whole situation here:

* There is another disagreement among rabbis as to when the Creation took place to begin with. Rabbi Eliezer holds that it happened on Elul/Tishrei (solar system in Elul, mankind in Tishrei), while Rabbi Yehoshua holds that it happened on Adar/Nissan (solar system in Adar, mankind in Nissan). So according to Rabbi Eliezer, even if the sage Shmuel would have the correct calculation, we would be off by six months.

* Indeed, both the Jerusalem Talmud and the Midrash DO NOT MENTION A WORD about this whole thing about the 28 year cycle of the sun, let alone say a blessing on this. In fact, these sources mention a very different situation where the blessing is said - when the sun is seen in the purity/brightness of the sky at the summer solstice/the beginning of Tekufat Tammuz. And the general rule is that when normally in a difference of opinion between the Jerusalem & Babylonian Talmuds, we follow the Jewish Law according to the Babylonian Talmud; but when the Midrash says the same thing as the Jerusalem Talmud, then it goes according to the opinion of the Jerusalem Talmud. So why is it different in this case?

* While the blessing we say today is Osei Ma'asei Bereishis - ,"Makes the work of Creation"; in fact, the Babylonian Talmud has it worded as Osei Bereishis - "Makes Creation", while ironically, we say it according to the version of the Jerusalem Talmud who doesn't mention a word of this 28 year cycle thing!

It seems that indeed, the rabbis went out of their way to make a special event of something that doesn't really exist, not knowing for sure of even the season of the year that Creation took place, not following the normal standards of how Jewish Law is decided, and we say a different version of the blessing than the one that is actually mentioned by this 28 year cycle event.

In a way, this is correct. The sage Shmuel most certainly knew the same detailed information that Rav Ada had. But Shmuel's precisioned way of calculation seems to have a precedence.

This Shabbat, we read the special Torah reading following the regular Parsha of the week that is called Parshat HaChodesh - Exodus 12:1-20. It begins off with the very first Mitzva that Hashem commanded the Jews of calculating the month based on sighting the moon, which began with that month of Nissan, the month of the Exodus, and we count the 12 months starting from Nissan. Now every month on the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh/Shabbat Mevorchim, including this coming Shabbat, we announce what is called the Molad - the "rebirth" of the moon, as is reflected by how we see the moon during the month when it gradually shows more of it beginning to look like a banana until the middle of the Jewish month, and then decreases its showing until the moon disappears again for a day or two.

Now mind you, this "rebirth" does not as a matter of fact begin at night as we consider a Jewish day to begin. This "rebirth" can happen at any time of day or night. However, based on what our sages tell us based on the wording of the Torah, we count days - not hours. Thus, we cannot begin a day in the "middle of the day". We can't start a new month approximately 29 and 1/2 days later - only 29 or 30 days later - just plus or minus a little more or less time on the 24 hour schedule than the previous month depending on the time of the year. Thus, our month is not physically possible to be exact according to the moon's schedule.

And so the sage Shmuel's schedule of the cycle of the sun is not following an exact pattern as the sun is located in time and place either. However, there is still a question that begs to be asked. At least with our months, there is an accountability in terms of when the new moon appears, so in fact, not all months will have the same amount of days (today's Jewish calendar until the Sanhedrin as the big Jewish court used to be called is in full power once again to enforce the biblical sighting of the moon) - some are 30 while others are 29. But here, Shmuel makes NO ATTEMPT to fill in this discrepancy of actually losing a whole day before the coming equinox or solstice every approximate 315 years!

It's interesting to note that when the Babylonian Talmud mentions this 28 year cycle, it quotes a different sage named Abaye to explain "when this happens" in the solar system.

Who is Abaye?

Throughout the Talmud, he has arguments with the sage Rava. Except for six cases, the Jewish law follows Rava. And yet here, he is given the green light of all sages to explain a timing that doesn't really exist.

For those who faithfully say the full Shacharis/morning prayers every day, the sage Abaye (who's numerical value/Gematria is 23, and this is my 23rd POST) is a very familiar sage. At the conclusion of the section in our prayers about the Korbanot/animal sacrifices, we say Abaye Hava Mesader Seder - "Abaye had arranged an order" of the daily functions in the Holy Temple.
Today, we mention the word Seder/Order in more than one context. In the Yeshiva world, a session of Torah learning is known as a Seder. Besides this, everyone knows the Hebrew word as associated with the "Seder night" when we say the Haggada. And indeed, just like there is a list of 15 different parts to the Haggada (which we recite or perform on the night of the 15th of Nissan when the full moon appears - only one night in Israel unlike two outside of Israel) so did Abaye mention a list of 15 categories of Avoda/Divine Service that was performed daily by the Cohanim. It's interesting to note that while Abaye lived long after the destruction of the Second Temple, he himself was a Cohen. Also, the word for a prayerbook is called Siddur, based on the word Seder, and indeed, our prayers today take the place of the daily sacrifices about which Abaye made a Seder - an orderly list of what took place daily.

Speaking of Abaye as a Cohen, the Talmud mentions that the two sons of Eli the High Priest/Cohen Gadol did not exactly follow the Seder of how they were supposed to perform their service in the Tabernacle which lead in part to its destruction. As a result, they were punished with having their descendants passing away at a young age. However, there was one way of getting out of that. While after mishandling the Divine service of animal sacrifices, this aspect of serving Hashem wouldn't help them; however, Torah and Gemilut Chasadim/Deeds of Kindness would help add years to their lives. The Talmud relates that there were two sages known to be descendants of the two sons of Eli - Abaye and Rabbah. Rabbah - who mostly learned Torah, lived only to 40 years of age; while Abaye - who both learned Torah and was quite active doing Gemilut Chasadim, lived to 60 years of age. Is the Talmud trying to tell us something here other than nice stories (or scary stories)?

While it is true that the greatest Mitzva is in fact Torah study - Talmud Torah Knegged Kulam (Mishna Peah 1:1) - Torah study/teaching is equal to all the Mitzvot/Commandments of the Torah, and there is an eternal reward for EACH WORD of Torah that is equal to ALL THE OTHER Mitzvot combined, Hashem wants us to follow the other Mitzvot of the Torah as well, or else we would have no purpose in this world for we can learn the Torah - in fact, much better - in the next world where we used to be before coming to this earthly existance. In fact, one who learns only Torah without performing what the Torah says in fact has no reward at the end for not only is the Torah learning in this case not for the right reason, but is not doing anything to serve Hashem, and is learning it the same way as a professor teaches a course - learning it strictly for its intellectual benefit. But what this type of person forgets is that the whole purpose of learning Torah in this world is to SERVE HASHEM. As soon as Moshe Rabbeinu, the first teacher of Torah to the Jewish people, passes away, the Torah immediately describes him as Eved Hashem - "servant of Hashem", as he wasn't a professor who taught the Torah the way that he wants to teach it, but how Hashem wants it dictated. And so while Rabbah, in fact, none other than Abaye's teacher certainly didn't ingore doing acts of lovingkindness, he didn't make such a great effort to spend time with this, and so he had no more purpose of being in this world after so many years, especially with the curse placed in his family. But Abaye, a man of Seder/Order, kept a balance of Torah & Gemilut Chasadim, so in the long run, Abaye benefited much more with eternal reward as he was given extra years to not only perform acts of lovingkindness, but was able to do additional Mitzvot besides learning Torah , the latter which he still did for the large part of his time. In fact, the words Torah & Gemilut Chasadim - have the same Gematria of 611! Indeed, we have much to learn from our Sages when it comes to making order in our lives.

This is the ultimate lesson of Bircat HaChama/saying the blessing and thanking Hashem for his works of Creation. While Hashem in fact does not run the world in an "exact fashion", and thus we can't follow a calendar with an exact pattern as it happens in the solar system, it is left up to us to make order of what happens in life. Virtually nothing in life happens EXACTLY the way we want it. Maybe we would not have much to complain about if we were to win millions of dollars in a lottery ticket, but then we would be in a quandary - How do we spend or invest the money? How will we deal with the pressure of "friends" asking us to help them out? Should we quit our jobs or continue working for a while? So much for "good" things happening to us in this world!

It seems that in fact, Hashem meant to make the solar system to fit in a 28 year pattern. In fact, the Zohar mentions about the "28 letters of Creation". But wait a minute! We have 22 letters of the Alef Beit, and even if were to include the five "final" letters that are spelled only at the end of a word, it comes out to a total of 27 letters. But the 28 letters are the amount of letters in the first verse of the Torah describing Hashem creating the heavens and the earth. Also, speaking of letters in relationship to Hashem, there is a concept of 28 with the letter Alef. Speaking of Gematria, each letter carries a numerical value, ending the 22 letters with a Tav=400. Now in regular computing of Gematria, we use the five "final" letters - Chaf, Mem, Noon, Pei, Tzadi called Sofit/End Letter at the end of the particular letter as the regular Gematria of 20/40/50/80/90 respectively. However, in an upgrade fashion, the Gematriot are 500/600/700/800/900 respectively. Thus, at the end, the number 28 position returns to the Alef, with its same letters but changing its vowels becomes an Elef, which means 1,000! And as Rashi in his very first comment on the Torah asking why the section of Parshat HaChodesh (what we will be reading as Maftir this coming Shabbat!) was not placed in the beginning of the Torah instead as the whole purpose of the Torah are the Mitzvot that Hashem commands us to do. His answer is what Psalms 111:6 states - Koach Ma'asav..."The STRENGTH of Hashem's works he told His people (Jews) to give them the inheritance of the nations" about our rights to live in Eretz Yisrael. While other people used to live in Israel, it was Hashem's will for us to conquer them and take their place. And the word Koach/Strength is the Hebrew number of 28.

Accordingly, it is Hashem's will to have the solar system the way that it is set up. But it is up to us to deal with it with a way that will make us realize that it is Hashem who runs the world, and thus every 28 years - symbolizing Hashem's STRENGTH and not just the history of Hashem creating the world but Oseh MA'ASEH Bereishis - does the ACTIONS of Creation - that everything Hashem created should show that it is Hashem Who had to be the Creator because something so complicated as science shows truly indicates that it was no "big bang" trick that brought everything from magic, and that rabbits don't evolve from hats. And as the name of the sage Shmuel - whose calculation of the solar system we follow for Bircat HaChama - which is a contraction of the words Shmo E-l - "His name is G-d", the particular name of E-l describes Hashem in terms of his Chesed/Kindness in that everything He does is for our benefit; and accordingly, we need to reciprocate and show how Hashem's kindness is evident in every action and result of Creation that could have only been possibly been performed by a Creator. And indeed, the Shir Shel Yom, the Song of the Day, as the Levites recited in the Temple for the 4th day of the week - Wednesday, the day of Creation when the placement of the planetary system took place, is Psalm 94 which begins with the word E-l, in the context of G-d taking revenge against the idol woshipping nations who have oppressed the Jewish people. And indeed, while the Jewish people are compared to the moon, G-d is compared to the sun, the latter which is the physically brightest and powerful thing to look it, representing G-d's power over those who think that they have all the power in the world, but G-d shows that it is He Who has power over all, and will avenge the wrongs that the nations have done against the Jewish people, who are the pupil of His eye.


We had mentioned when the coming equinox will take place: March 20, and in most parts of the world, the time of the hour ends with 44. Anything significant here?

Let me paint a scenario here, and you can take a guess as to where the following is going to take place:

You turn on the T.V. on Sunday morning. You realize before your eyes that a segment of the country's population has been taken by taken by police for execution. Indeed, you get a startling call hours later confirming that a good friend of yours has been done away with by police, never to be seen again. Your heart starts pounding! Am I next? Will I have other family members or friends to meet the same fate? In the late afternoon, you get a call from a cousin of yours visiting your present country who lives in another country, letting you know that when he attempted to return to his native land, upon calling the airline, he was informed that all the airlines and airports in the country are now run by the government, and when his name was checked in the system, it showed that he was denied exit from the country as he is on the "government list", and only "certain visitors" will be allowed to return in the near future.

With barely any sleep that evening, you travel to work the next morning noticing a somewhat decrease in traffic, and indeed a well respected employee of the company is found to have been taken by police to a prison camp over the weekend without prior notice or reason given for being taken away. But you can't just leave the office, if anything, you have to work like twice as hard now with this big worry about what will happen next.

As the days move on, you return home one evening only to find yourself face-to-face with a friendly neighbor who informs you that another neighbor was just hauled off by what seemed to be government police, and that neighbor just kept screaming "What did I do wrong?" "Please tell me!", only to be told that he will be told later. Well, you figure, you have no where to hide, you now live in a Communist country for all that you can see.

After the two most nervewracking weeks in your life, you get a notice in the mail for an appointment with the local police, asking you to bring your drivers's license or personal ID. What does this mean, you start asking yourself. You knock on your neighbor's door, and indeed, he has received the same type of notice. And then you find out at work that everyone received such a notice. O.K., I guess we ain't all dying overnight, but what it he deal here, you wonder.

The day arrives. You hold on to your steering wheel like there is nothing else in this world that exists. Your heart increasingly pounding, you arrive at the police station, only to find a hundred people ahead of you in line. After a while, as the line moves on, you notice one person exiting a room, while one other person enters the room. Also, as the exiting person leaves, there are a few on line asking what happened inside, but whoever they ask just keeps walking without saying a word. At one point, you look behind you only to notice two armed policemen at the exit door. After waiting a couple of hours with your legs constantly shaking, it's your turn to enter the room.

You are told to sit. You notice another two armed policemen standing. The police lady sitting at the other end of the desk orders you to close your eyes, hold your breath, and that a single peep from you will result in your immediate arrest. With abaited breath, you just resign yourself to whatever will happen. Yeap, you feel a needle piercing your arm, it feels like five minutes though it is relatively a much shorter time. Right afterwards, you are informed that a monitering chip has just been inserted in your body. Congragulations. You are then informed that any talk of this from the time you walk out of the room until the end of your life can be subject to immediate execution for an act of rebellion against the government. Only after the bleeding from the arm stops are you told that you can now leave. Have a nice day.

O.K. my friends, maybe this will not happen exactly the way I described it; but clearly, the basic content of this will G-d forbid happen in the near future. Where? Is this in Israel, India, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Ireland, or other countries starting with the letter I or other letter?

Before it was Russia's and Germany's turn. Now, it will be...the United States of America! And also the same time, it will be in Canada and Mexico.

In the past, I have mentioned in posts briefly about what will be happening in the United States in the near future as you can check out at But recently, I had come across many more details about the events that are soon going to be taking place.

Oh yeah, I have already encounted those who don't to seem to be worried, and don't think that anything drastic will happen in the United States. This is despite numerous videos online and former government employees giving detailed information of this upcoming operation, but I guess some people simply will not wake up until it is a little too late. So, let me fill you in on some details here:

First of all go to and type FEMA coffins (FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency). For a 29 page document of the powers that the United States will be executing, go to and type "Operation Garden Plot and Rex 84", and press on the link to the first entry. Don't try checking out the FEMA website - unless you want to delude yourself to think that this country wants to only help its citizens. Oh yeah, the FEMA website has a link "Plan Ahead", which is about preparing for the next flood or hurricane. But I have a little different message to present here of what the real "Plan Ahead" is about.

What? Is the government of the United States going to turn into being Communists and Nazis? How can this be, you may ask, the United States has a guaranteed Constitution?!

My friends, nothing is a guarantee in life, except for G-d! I already mentioned in the past that the UnSupreme Court stepped on the Constitution that assures that only a naturally born citizen of the United States is allowed to run for the presidential office. The United States government, the corrupt media, and most Democrats have ignored or denied the facts about Obama. So, what is different from this than denying our religious rights and freedom, even if it's the First Amendment? This comes as no huge surpirse to me. You see, Russia and Germany also had a Constitution of religous freedom and rights, but it went right out the window when Stalin and Hitler respectively took over the reigns of leadership.

As former FEMA workers tell us, it will happen something like this. At 4:00 in the morning (NOTE: spell 4:00 as 400 which is the numerical value of the last letter of the Alef Beit - Tav. The word Tav means sign/mark. Before the destruction of the First Temple, a spiritual mark representing bloodshed was made on the foreheads of Jews who were going to be killed), the White House will signal the butchers to go ahead with the evil deed. The government will maintain different color lists: Red List - Up the chimney for the "big rebels" - including talk show hosts and bloggers who write against what is going in the United States government (like myself, but I live in Israel so I am truly not worried). Blue List - Off to the concentration camp where most will not survive their alternate mind trick training. Yellow List - Everyone else who have been naive of what was going to happen, who will be given instructions as to what to do, which will include allowing themselves to be injected with a monitering chip which will in effect be like the home arrest shackles around the ankles except that this will be inserted INSIDE the body. In fact, this will be far more sophisticated than the tattooed numbers that the Nazis engraved into peoples' skins. This yellow list package will happen under the name of martial law in two weeks after the haul off to execution or prison camp. And the FEMA coffins - those are the large boxes, along with the some 600 concentration camps, paid for by your income tax money, will house many corpses from the government turture. Also, this will be executed in the name of the "New World Order".

Now let's back to the timing of today's equinox of March 20, ending with the number 44? Sounds familiar? Oh yes, the 44th UnPresident of the United States! Well, Obama may be illegal for the position, but he is in acting power assuming the role of the 44th President of the United States. Now, the exact time in the part of the United States where the Capitol is at is (NOTE: it doesn't matter if it is Daylight Savings time - it goes by the time line that people hold by) - 7:44 (AM). Now in this case, the numbers 7 and 44 have something very much in common. The Hebrew letter for 7 is Zayin, which also means Weapon, and 44 which is the number Mem Daled, can be reversed to read Dam/Blood(shed)! Moreover, the two numbers add up to 51 - the Gematria of Edom which is most associated with the United States today, and indeed, it has in fact 51 states, because it includes the Capitol - Washington D.C. Moreover, the war that the United States started with Afghanistan some seven years ago has been associated with various Rabbis as being the war of Gog U'Magog which is supposed to begin on Hoshana Rabbah as indeed it happened this way. And the reason this special day is called with the name HoshaNA is because it is the 51st day from Rosh Chodesh Elul when we start asking for mercy from Hashem, despite our numerous sins, and is a most opportune time for our repentance to be accepted.

Speaking earlier of the Babylonian Talmud as the original written source for the Bircat HaChama, the Hebrew word for Babylonian is Bavli, which is the Gematria of 44. And don't forget, Sadam Hussein - president of Iraq, modern day Babylon - is considered to be the reincarnate of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon who destroyed the First Temple which took place on Tisha B'Av. And now, we have the 44th President of Bloodshed United States - Barack HUSSEIN Obama (who was politically born on Tisha B'Av (July 27) 2004, when he made a public speech endorsing then Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry)! So, if we trust in Hashem and follow the ORDER and ORDERS that Hashem tells us, especially as is sourced in the Oral Torah mostly in the Babylonian Talmud, then indeed, we will be able to fight the Babylonian/Bloodshed part of the exile and we will be spared the worst of this "New World ORDER". In connection with this, it's the 44th Parsha of the Torah that begins the Book of Deutronomy/Devarim, also called Mishneh Torah, as it includes a review of many Mitzvot of the Torah mentioned earlier, spoken orally by Moshe Rabbeinu to the Jewish Nation; and thus this last book of the Chumash is compared to the Oral Torah.

As I wrote in the past about the 44th Parsha of the Torah as it relates to the 44th President of the United States, there are a few things here that will confirm what I am saying here, and as related to the number seven. This 44th Parsha starts off the Book of Deutronomy. Now, while it may be the 5th Book of the Torah, in a way, it is considered the 7th Book of the Torah. You see, there is this two verse section in Parshat Beha'alotcha - Numbers 10:35-36 - that is surrounded in the Sefer Torah by upside down Noons. This section of the Torah, as Rashi points out, is inserted to seperate between punishments in the Torah that are mentioned in relationship to the Jewish people. Thus, the Book of Numbers is in effect considered by the Midrash as three books; making the Book of Deutronomy the 7th Book of the Torah; and thus, here is another connection between the numbers 7 & 44! Morever, the 7th day from when Obama took the oath of office fell out on Rosh Chodesh Shvat, the date that begins this 44th Parsha. Amazing!

Now, what is the very first word of this Parsha? Eileh (means these) - the letters comprised of Alef, Lamed. Hei. In Hebrew, this can spell the Hebrew number of 1,035, as the Alef in the first position assumes the number of 1,000 as opposed to the number 1. Now, 1,035 is five times the number 207. In the first day of Creation as related in the beginning of the Torah, the word Ohr, which is the Gematria of 207, is mentioned five times! And don't forget, the upcoming date of Bircat HaChama which begins the 207th cycle of the Ohr HaChama - "Light of the Sun" in its calculated position from Creation. Now, as I heard recently on, what is the 44th word of the Torah? It is within this very first section of the five mentions of light - V'LaChoshech - "FOR THE DARKNESS, Hashem called night". Well, we know what spiritual and physical darkness that (half) black Muslim Arab Obama contains, but if this wasn't enough, this Hebrew word has a Gematria of 364. It has been said that the word HaSatan/the Satan, also has a Gematria of 364, as out of the 365 solar days of the year, the only day that the Satan has no power over is Yom Kippur. Thus, the Satan has reign over 364 solar days. As per Satan's two other titles - one is Mal'ach HaMavet/Angel of Death, where HaMavet (the death) are the same letters as Tehom (the deep) as in the second verse in the beginning of Creation "Darkness on the face of THE DEEP". This word is also the same Gematria as Yishmael (451), the son of Abraham and the black Egyptian princess Hagar, who is the ancestor of the Arabs who are the main ones making Jews suffer at the very end of our nearly 2,000 year exile. The other title of Satan is the Yetzer Hara/Evil inclination. As I mentioned before about Deutronomy 31:29 "...evil will befall you at the end of days, if you do what is evil in the eyes of Hashem, to anger Him through your handiwork". The Hebrew phrase for "do what is evil" is Ta'asu Et Hara, where the exact wording of Hara (the evil) is being used, like the Yetzer Hara, and I had mentioned earlier that this is a prophecy of the liberal Jews, who lacking in faith in Hashem, voting for the evil Obama - the evil at the End of Days, and have angered Hashem greatly through their "handiwork" of voting for him. (As everything does originate from the Torah, I should mention that the Christians mention an Anti-Christ, compared to the devil, in the End of Days. In fact, Obama IS Muslim, he just goes along with certain things that are Christian to fool the public)

So, I guess what we are saying here is that while we Jews follow the ORDER of Bircat HaChama according to the calculations of the sage Shmuel and as related by Abaye, the rest of the world follows what is seen as the true equinox on this date of March 20 at 7:44 AM as the time where the White House is, following strictly according to a solar cycle both with the seasons and the yearly calendar of 365 days, under the guise of what they call the NEW WORLD ORDER of supposedly helping to change the economy for the better! (Everything is from the Torah. The NEW WORLD ORDER that took place when Noah, his family, and the creatures that he saved in the Ark were living in Noah's Ark, happened in the span of 365 days!)

Do you remember Lavan, the evil uncle of Jacob, as mentioned in the Hagaddah as being credited for his attempt to destroy his own family - the future of the Jewish People? Lavan means white - and as the Midrash tells us, before Lavan's time, at least people were honest about their evil actions until Lavan came along and made everything sound "white" when he was full of tricks. Indeed, the "White House" - the Beit HaLavan - represents this same concept; it will just be a matter of a short time until it becomes obvious to all, but will be unfortunately too late for many to do anything about it. Our Rabbis tell us that the event pertaining to our Patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a sign of what will happen to the Jewish People in the future. With all of Jacob's attempts to foil Lavan's plan, Lavan still managed to trick Jacob in having him first marry his daughter Leah, for whom Jacob did not care for at the time, instead of Rachel, whom Jacob had just worked SEVEN backbreaking years for.

Heed this message, my friends! The ultimate Holocaust will be G-d forbid where we least expect it - which is right under our noses, consisting of over 600 work/prison/concentration camps in the United States! Whatever the FEMA coffins will not bury immediately, the slave labor will
assist in that over time. And even if Moshiach comes right now, don't think that everything will be honky dory, and everyone will fly right over to Israel. You see, the Goyim will make one last attempt to stop us. I have already mentioned that according to the Book of Ezekiel where Obama's name is secretly encoded as Gog, the nations will all be coming to attack Israel, though Hashem will save us at the end - at least the ones who do repentance now. At least in Israel, Moshiach will be around to fight the final war. But don't expect Moshiach to come to the United States. In the U.S.A., Jews will be left to fend for themselves, and if it becomes a Communist country, Jews just may not be able to leave, as four fifths of the Jews were spiritually dead at the plague of DARKNESS that struck the Egyptians.

Note that we read the above 44th Parsha - Parshat Devarim - every year on the Shabbat before Tisha B'Av. Our Rabbis tell us that on the afternoon of Tisha B'Av, Moshiach was born. Whether this will mean physically as well, what I am implying here is that there will and I believe already taking place what is called Chevlei Moshiach/Birthpangs of Moshiach - the worst time for the Jewish People right before Moshiach comes, just like a woman has birthpangs right before giving birth. So right before Tisha B'Av, one of the fast days that our Prophets tell us will be a day of rejoicing in the future, which will represent the light of Moshiach being revealed, we will be going through the thickest darkness in history. It already started as early as the Holocaust about which is hinted in the Torah - V'Yamesh Chosech - "The darkness was felt" - about the plague of darkness for the Egyptians, as the letters preceding those of the letters in "V'Yamesh" spell Hitler! The only question is - how much longer is this darkness going to last? That depends on us. We can end it now if we all made Aliyah and trusted in Hashem. Let's face it - if you knew you had exactly 24 hours to flee the country, and afterwards, there would be no way of leaving, what would you do? Would you be asking, "Oh, but what am I going to be doing for a living in the future?" "Will anyone understand my language?" "Will I be able to get a little extension of time here?" You would be more than thanking Hashem for giving you a chance to escape harm's way, and only afterwards, would you deal with the less worries in life, after leaving the country whom you paid your income taxes behind with little more than the shirt on your back.

NOW is the time to leave the United States - but don't take my word for it if you have second doubts here. Watch some of the videos related to the FEMA coffins of those who will tell you to flee the States. With this equinox sign of 7:44 - WEAPON/BLOODSHED, I would be most frightened - and G-d forbid, the worse can happen in the States within the next three months before the coming summer solstice, or this coming year! I don't want to have to be in a position to tell others later "I told you so". I am doing my part here, but leave while you have the money with which to leave, before the ultimate economic crisis brings down the "democratic" United States, or whatever is left of it.

I am not going to predict here when Moshiach will be arriving. As far as I am concerned, the beginning of this 207th era of LIGHT/OHR=207 - physical and spiritual light of the OHR Shivat HaYamim "LIGHT of the SEVEN days of Creation that Hashem hid until the Messianic Era- may well usher Moshiach's immediate coming on Erev Pesach, - as the beginning of Mishna Pesachim states OHR L'Arba'ah Asar - the context of searching for Chometz in the beginning of the night of 14 Nissan, the date for this Bircat HaChama - and begin with bringing the Pascal Lamb representing what the Jews ate on the night of their Exodus leaving the exile. But there is a date in the Hebrew calendar that bears the same letters as Tisha B'Av - Beit Av, Hei Tav Shin Ayin, that is, 2 Av 5770, or the letter Beit can mean "in" so it can mean "in Av, 5770". Yes, next year in the month of Av - I expect something big to happen - can't predict what (hopefully something good rather than otherwise), but I don't feel that this is a mere coincidence. But clearly, things are changing - rapidly, so don't be left behind in the spiritual and physical exile. You want to be in the right land at the right time when the spiritual revelations will be taking place and not miss any of it because you will not experience them in the United States. Say Goodbye to JerUSAlem, and proudfully declare Hello to Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh, the Holy City that we mention in our prayers several times a day.

24 Adar, 5769

Will be posting again sometime next week, G-d willing, including new discoveries I have found about Obama in the Hidden Torah Codes!

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