Tuesday, April 7, 2009

#25 - LIGHT

We are just about to enter the 207th 28-year cycle of the solar system of which the main physical benefit is the sun's LIGHT. The Hebrew word for Light - OHR - makes its first debut as the 25th word of the Torah, when Hashem said "Let there be Light". And Ohr/Light IS the Gematria of 207! Furthermore, as the very first words of Mishna Pesachim states - OHR L'Arba'ah Asar - At the beginning of the evening of 14 Nissan, when we search for Chametz/leavened substances that are forbidden on Passover, which we perform this evening by using candlelight, and what is found is burned or disposed of the following morning. But what is so significant here is that the new 28 year solar cycle BEGINS in this cycle at THE SAME TIME as the Chametz is supposed to be searched for as it falls out this time on 14 Nissan (during last century and last century, it falls out on the secular date of April 8 when we recite the special blessing for this in the morning)!

We are told that the reason that Ohr/Light first appears in the Torah as the 25th word, is because it hints to 25 Kislev, the date marking the first of eight days of Chanuka, the "Festival of Lights". This holiday started thanks to the bravery and heroism of Matisyahu, whose five sons he enjoined to fight the Syrian Greeks, four of the five who perished at one point or another while fighting. In any case, Matisyahu is the same Gematria as Tehillat YKVK (Hashem)/ Praising of Hashem (861) which appears among the concluding verses of the Ashrei prayer (Psalms 145) that is full of praise for Hashem. On Chanuka, we recite the Hallel prayers (Psalms 113-118) thanking Hashem for His miracles. Accordingly, we should have in mind when we say the Bircat HaChama - "Blessing of the Sun" on Wednesday morning that we are praising Hashem, not praying to the sun, but giving praise for the marvelous creation that Hashem made.

It's interesting to note that among the early writers of Jewish Law are Rabbi Yosef Karo, whose Yahrzeit is today - 13 Nissan, and Rabbi Moshe Maimonidies (Rambam) whose birthday is tomorrow - 14 Nissan - the date that we will be reciting the Bircat HaChama. Both of these rabbis write in their Halachic works of this rare event and saying the blessing for it.

Don't have more time - but I do want to conclude with my wishes for a new spiritual awakening that we hope for with the coming of Moshiach which we hope will happen no later than at this most momentous occasion. See you at the Western Wall (G-d willing)!

13 Nissan 5769 - Erev Bircat HaChama

Next time of posting will be after Passover, G-d willing.

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