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#44 - Messages in REVERSE Wording

Am I talking about magic, or is this some type of hidden codes thing? Or maybe, I just like to put a catchy title?

I will explain shortly. But first, speaking of words or wording, today - 24 Elul - is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan, or more popularly known as the Chofetz Chaim, and just like when he passed away, it was on the first day of the week, on which begins the special pre-High Holiday prayers called Selichot - asking for Hashem's forgiveness - according to Ashkenazic rituals, so too does it fall out on the same day of the week this year. A prolific writer, he is known by this title because of his work that he named as such, which means "Who is the person WHO WANTS LIFE, loves days to see good. Guard your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceipt" (Psalms 34:13-14), so is this Sefer that the Chofetz Chaim wrote encompasses the laws about forbidden speech from various Talmudic and Halachic sources, all gathered into one book. Indeed, as he lived like he preached, he lived into his nineties, and his teeth were totally intact until his dying day.

Along these lines, and as this is my 44th post, I would like to point out to the 44th Parsha of the Torah - Parshat Devarim, which literally means words, as the Parsha, and the Book of Devarim/Deutronomy, begins with Eileh HaDevarim Asher Diber Moshe "These are the words that Moses spoke". As I had mentioned in an earlier post, the letters of the very first word "Eileh" are an acronym for Issur Lashon Hara - Prohibition of evil speech, which is usually in the context of saying something bad about another person. The next word is HaDevarim - the words. The word Devarim can spell two words - Riv/fighting & Dam/blood(shed). So it seems that the Torah is saying a hidden message here - "The prohibition of evil speech which can lead to fighting and bloodshed, is what Moses spoke about to the Children of Israel".

Now, guess how many times the word HaDevarim/the words (can also be translated as the things, depending sometimes on the context) is mentioned in the Chumash/Five Books of Moses? Did you guess it? It's exactly 44 times! Now, if this isn't enough about the number 44 as it relates to the word HaDevarim, there is one more time in the Torah that this word is spelled the same way, but it means something totally different. This ONE place in the ENTIRE Chumash is in the 44th verse of Parshat & Book of Devarim! "The Emorites...chased you as THE BEES do, and smote you..." (Deutronomy 1:44). Oh yes, it's not that it is just the 44th verse of the Parsha or book, it's VERSE 44 of the 1st chapter (though the arrangement of the number of chapters and verses was done by non-Jews, a topic about which I had wrote about in the past)!
And yes, this verse is about fighting and bloodshed, which happened to the Jews who disobeyed Moses who said not to attempt to travel to Israel, after he told them that their fate of dying in the desert and not going to Israel was sealed as a result of believing the evil speech that the spied reported about the land of Israel.

Now, the word Dam/blood(shed) itself is the Gematria of 44. The truth is that blood is the life force of mankind. But when blood is mentioned in a negative context, it means that the blood can be seen as a result of fighting or murder. However, when blood is used in the context of Mitzvot/commandments, it connotes a very positive aspect of it. Examples are the blood of circumcision and the blood of Korbanot/animal sacrifices. And as I had wrote in my 34th post, the evil - about which Pharaoh was referring to a star which is called Ra'ah, which literally means evil, was telling Moses at one point that he sees in astrology that this star will finish off the Jews. As it turned out, in the merit of the blood of circumcision that the Jews performed, the astrology of this star was changed, or reversed, from evil to good.

Speaking of something being reversed, there is something else to talk about in relationship to this concept, and another thing as it relates to the number 44 - of course, the 44th President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama. Before I forget, the word after HaDevarim is Asher/which, which is the same Gematria as Obama's full name in Hebrew - 501! And for the first revelation about Obama which you may have never noticed before, the first four letters of his first name - Barack, spelled backwards is ARAB! So for those critics out there, assuming that they actually believe the fact that he is an Arab based on his father's side, they may very well write this off as "coincidence". Fine, but do remember that in Hebrew, the word for coincidence is Mikreh. However, when the letters of this word is rearranged - the letters Mem, Koof, Reish, Hei - they can be respelled as Rak M'Hei - ONLY FROM HEI - the letter Hei which is often spelled in Hebrew in short for Hashem (G-d) - ONLY FROM HASHEM.

Now, let's spell Hashem's name , which literally means "the name"- which is actually used in place of Hashem's real name which we are forbidden to pronounce (called the Tetragrammaton) and should not be spelled on a regular piece of paper that could be thrown away in the garbage - IN REVERSE. These letters - Hei, Shin, Mem - can be spelled backwards to spell the name Moshe/Moses! Well, it was Moshe after all who transmitted Hashem's Torah, which is the reason for the world's continued existance, to the Jewish people, "These are the words that Moshe spoke to the Children of Israel". These words introduce the fifth & final book of the Five Books of Moses, which in mostly in the narrative, though all the commandments were originally transmitted from Hashem to Moshe. And Moshe merited this special privilege because of his great character qualities, of which his special was his tremendous humility, emulating Hashem who also shows humility, so to speak, by providing sustenance to the most lowly creature, as an example.

Now, here comes something which some of you may have not known before about Obama, despite our great hatred for such an Anti-Semite who is a smooth talker, lying about his past, and marching his way right to the White House without hardly anyone telling him "boo" aside from the Republicans. What you virtually all most of heard of before is what is called "subliminal messages". We probably have heard of this in relationship to songs that rock singers have sung, and then some kid does something crazy or some crime, and then blames it on the lyrics of a particular song.

For anyone who may have been skeptical of these things before, it is now easy to check this out on the internet. Just go to or, and get your desired results. In the music industry, songs can be played backwards on a player that will especially do this. Now, you would think that it would just sound the words backwards, which for the most part should not make any sense. But indeed, as I heard with my own ears, you will hear at times FULL SENTENCES. They could indicate things of a sexual nature, a disturbing situation, or just a plain evil message. And it's in fact rare that it happens that if you spell the words backwards, it will spell an exact message. There is a percentage of this that has to do with the message, but a good percentage of this are words that aren't necessarily something that you could figure out if you read the sentence backwards.

But before getting into more details here, some songs have straight out evil connotations without playing anything backwards. For example, Chris Brown, who recently got convicted for beating up his girlfriend who is a famous singer herself, sang the song "Fallen Angel", refering to the Satan who is worshipped by many who feel sorry for this angel who was supposedly kicked out of Heaven by G-d Who "misunderstood Satan". Evil people like Chris Brown and the producers of these types of songs for the most part dominate the music industry. In fact, many who are in the music and other entertainment industries worship Satan as a means of becoming rich and famous, as one such person who was interviewed said "How do you think we make it out there?You can't get ahead unless you get your power from a higher force". I can believe this, because as we know from Kabbalah, evil people indeed receive their vitality from what is called the Sitra Achara "the other side", which sometimes does refer to the Satan himself. (And the first two letters in Hebrew of the word Sitra (side) is Samech Teit, the last two letters of the number of this Hebrew year 5769, as we are in the final week of this year).

Now, getting back to Obama, while he is no singer, he is a big talker. So, let's refer to a couple of things he has said, and what these words, when played backwards, reveal. Remember his arrogant statement, "Yes we can"? In fact, there was a group who put out a song promoting Obama, and as the song is being played, various people say "Yes we can". Now, whether is was Obama, or any one of these other evil people - and they are evil - who support a person representing the Democratic party which is pro-abortion and pro-gay rights, you will hear the exact same message, even though this reverse message will not very well parallel the message of "Yes we can". The subliminal reverse message: "THANK YOU SATAN!" And for his nominaton speech, he said at one point, and he repeated it "Let me express..." The subliminal reverse message: "WORSHIP SATAN!"

You see, the word Satan does not very well match the literal reverse of the first words in the original messages. But there is something in common here. You see, as I had mentioned in the past, the 44th word of the Torah - V'La"Choshech "And for the darkness", is the same Gematria as the word HaSatan "the Satan" - 364! And so, for the 44th President of the United States, the 44th word of the Torah fits perfectly well with him. Certainly, the ones who discovered the subliminal message of Satan coming from Obama's mouth would not know what the 44th Hebrew word in the Torah is, or know anything about Gematriot. And yes, I heard these messages myself.

Messages in reverse should not be of total surprise; this concept comes from the Torah itself. In my 41st post, I mentioned about reading the end of the Torah and then the beginning of it, pertaining to which, I wrote about the concept of blogs, which are in "REVERSE, chronological order". In my 42nd post, I mentioned the Midrash which narrates the letters of the Alef Beit
asking Hashem to start them as the first letter of the Torah, speaking to Him in reverse order of the Alef Beit beginning with Tav. And then in my 43rd post, I pointed out the connection of 9/11 - the 11th day of the 9th month - in the solar calendar in connection to the 9th day of the 11th month of the Jewish calendar. Also, I pointed out that Bush's family name when read backwards in Hebrew reads "RETURN"! So, it seems by Hashgacha Peratit/Divine Providence that I was preparing the reader to accept this concept of subliminal messages when heard backwards, especially as it pertains to ARAB - BARAck Hussein Obama.

So, there is probably one more question that some will have - but not by critics. "Yes, I believe in this, but how is this possible. Is this some kind of spiritual thing going on here?" Could be, but I believe there is a factor here that we don't always think about. Yes, it is about thinking. While thoughts may not seem to mean much, they are what control the person. Now, if these are evil thoughts, it doesn't necessarily mean that one will automatically follow what he is thinking about. He does have the free choice to chase them out of one's mind, thought this may be difficult at times. But allowing these thoughts to fester, they lead to the next step, the next speech, the next action. Our rabbis tells us that in a way, evil thoughts are even worse than evil actions, because these thoughts are what allow a person to sin. Indeed, one of the 613 Mitzvot/commandments, as we recite in the 3rd paragraph of the Shema, tells us "not to stray after your hearts and your eyes", referring to idolatry and sexual immorality, respectively. But also, it is intent that often determines whether an action that one takes is either good or evil, for example, killing someone. There are times that according to the Torah, one (Mr,. A) must kill another Jew (Mr. B) if need be even without a court previously trying him (Mr. B), because he (Mr. B) is chasing another person (Mr. C) to kill him (Mr. C), and there is no other way of stopping him (Mr. B). However, if he (Mr. A) is killing him (Mr. B) merely to take revenge on him (Mr. B), and could care less if the one (Mr. B) whom he (Mr. A) wants to kill is chasing someone else (C) to death, then indeed, for him (Mr. A) it is called murder.

And so, we are about to enter the New Year, and a new month called Tishrei. According to Kabbalah, the letters of this month are in reverse order for a reason - Tav, Shin, Reish. This tells us that just as Hashem gave us what we needed when we left Egypt during Passover, marking the birth of the Jewish people, so too do we reciprocate and show our good actions to Hashem, as now, we have already received the Torah on Shavuot, and so we are held accountable to a much higher standard, so we need to show our initial input in serving Hashem. And as reflected in some of the poetry included in our prayers, each phrase of the stanzas begin the Alef-Beit in the reverse order starting with Tav. In fact, it is particularly in the Mussaf Shemoneh Esrei prayer of Shabbat of the beginning of the middle blessing which focuses on the Sabbath, that it starts off with 22 words beginning with the Alef-Beit in reverse order. And just like Tishrei is the 7th month from Nissan which is the "head of the months" (Exodus 12:2), so is the Sabbath the 7th day of the week.

And as I conclude my 44th post, I want to let everyone know that TODAY, G-d willing, I will be attending the 2nd International Jewish Bloggers' Convention in Jerusalem at 44 King George Street. After all, after exposing the fraud of the 44th President of the United States, it only makes sense that the number 44 is showing up everywhere. I hope to let many more people at this convention know of this blogspot

This is my final post for the year 5769, of this blogspot that I began 11 months ago, but while starting this during Tishrei, the first month of the Jewish year. While writing blogs have been quite time consuming, keeping me up many nights, including this one when it is now day, especially as I will be in a rush later to be at the convention without panicking to finish my post at the last minute, the rewards are very spiritually rewarding. Playing a small part in transmitting Torah on the web has been well worth it to me. It is not only the small amount of followers, or those from Facebook who read my comments about this blogspot that read my writings - I have noticed through some research that other bloggers or websites are taking pieces of my blogs - whether about Bircat HaChama/Blessing of the Sun or the recent Hidden Codes of my prediction of Chevlei Moshiach/Birthpangs of the Messiah.

Wishing you all a Ketiva VaChatima Tova - to be inscribed for a good writeup and be sealed for a good and sweet year of 5770. Shana Tova - Have a good and happy New Year!

24 Elul 5769 - Yahrzeit of the Chofetz Chaim

NOTE: My next post will be, G-d willing, in the week following Rosh Hashana, about mankind.

P.S. Speaking of REVERSE, the number of the time posted 5:53 PM can be read in REVERSE as 355, which is the Gematria of the word Shana/Year, and this post is my final post of this year of 5769!

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