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#158 - After 22 Years of Kahane Separation

Hashem created a beautiful world with sufficient resources.  Now, there will be some people who will challenge this because especially these days, people who especially do not follow any form of religion that involves a Higher Power looks at this world as a place that is manipulated by mankind; and therefore, will bemoan the fact that the way things are going, there will not be sufficient water, not sufficient oil, there are endangered species, etc.

The truth is Hashem knew beforehand everything exactly how this world would operate.  Indeed, He created a finite world that is slated to be in existence for only 6,000 years.  And it is true that only in rather recent times, major modern technology has taken place that has challenged nature.  But meanwhile, while some are worried about how in the near future, pending battery operated vehicles, we will be able to commute without a continuous supply of gas, thanks to modern plumbing, we have instant access to water in the kitchen sink, the toilet, and shower room, without ever needing to fetch heavy pails of water from the well.  Yes, it is true that we need to be careful not be wasteful and that everyone needs to do their part not to use excessive water beyond drinking and hygenic washing needs.  However, if we truly believe in G-d and do what He wants, we won't have to worry about how to access our basic needs.

Anyone, aside from avowed atheists who will make up 1,001 reasons why a miracle cannot occur or is an optic illusion in our eyes, cannot help but notice how this world was truly created in a most intelligent fashion.  You see, the number one thing that never costs anything (except for very sick/old people or their health insurance company) is air.  It's sure a good thing that air is free, for otherwise, no one would be able to survive beyond a few minutes.  And then for the most part - unless we buy bottled water, the water from our sinks at home to public drinking fountains carry no price tag.  And then for food, we have to start doing shopping, but if we have fruit trees or vegetable plants in our home yard, then we can save some money to be used for more expensive food items or towards other basic needs.  It makes sense, because after all, fruits and vegetables are the healthiest food on the planet.  Of course when it comes to gourmet foods, they will cost more than the average food.  And then for clothes, they generally cost more than any given food item.  So as you can see, Hashem created a hierchy of needs - the more vital being to our existence, the less it will cost us.

Another thing that we find about Hashem's created nature is that natural products can either be most helpful or most hurtful  to society.  For example, fire can either help illuminate a dark room, warm the family in the freezing winter, or cause major destruction to people's lives and possessions.  Water can either quench the thirst of a thirsty person who could be on the brink of death, or drown a person.  And so too with air - as vital as it is for a person's breathing, if the air is polluted, then even if one can breathe, there will be long-term damage down the road.

In short, just like fish if taken from their water habitat to the air will die shortly; so too, people and animals who stay in the water without an oxygen tank will die in a short time without air, or can be left in a vegetative state for life, which is more of a curse than a blessing for people who would be suffering far less if they just would have died.

Now, even when it comes to cutting off the air supply for a living being above water, this is not the only way that this can happen.  Tightening the neck of a being, especially in hanging someone for execution, has been a common way of doing this for thousands of years.  In the Jewish court system of yesteryear, this was one of the four forms of a court execution, though this was done strictly by two people pulling at opposite ends of the kerchief tied around the sentenced person's neck, and was only hung following his execution like it was with the other forms of execution.  In Hebrew, the word for strangulation, especially as one of the four methods of execution, is called Chenek, which when spelled backwards, is the Hebrew number 158 - and this is my 158th Post.

Now, let us turn to more spiritual matters, though all of nature is from Hashem.  Of course, the ultimate life force is Hashem, because without Hashem so to speak, all existence would immediately cease to exist, for in fact, while Hashem already created this world, it is actually being constantly remaining in creation only due to the constant life-force that Hashem gave it, as we say in our daily morning prayers - HaMechedeish B'Tuvo Bechol Yom Tamid Ma'asei Bereishit  "Who daily renews at all time the works of creation".

However, even all this is pertaining strictly to one's or the world's physical existence.  However, for one's continued spiritual existence, not only for the short-term, but for the eternal long-term, it is most crucial, at least for a Jew, to learn and live Torah, as demonstrated by the fact that there are 365 sinews and 248 limbs (unlike the false scientific figure of 206 or whatever number that serves the scientific at heistic community) that correspond to the 365 non-active or negative Mitzvot and the 248 active or positive Mitzvot.  In fact, the Torah is compared to water, fire, and air, howbeit in different contexts.

More specifically, we are more kept spiritually alive when we learn Torah from other people who especially have learned and remembered the entire Torah.  It is true that we have to observe the other Mitzvot as well, but the biggest source of life force as well as the greatest of all Mitzvot is the Torah.

Most unfortunately, there are so many among the Jewish population who are spitiually chocking - and definitely some of these people will be eternally damned or chocked off from their spiritual life force that they sadly ignored, living rather with the temptations of this temporary, fleeting world.

Fortunately, there are many righteous people and Torah scholars even in today's modernized world, which has had a terrible influence even on those who supposedly learn in Yeshiva all day.  However, there was one righteous person and Torah scholar who was degraded not only by the corrupt and double-standard media, but as well by virtually every level of Jewish practitioners of Judaism observance.

You may have guessed by now to whom I am referring to, but it is the one (though not necessarily the only) Rabbi Meir Kahane, may Hashem avenge his blood.  After all, in the opinion of the evil media, Kahane was a terrorist just like Arafat - except for a few differences.  Kahane was a terrorist, while Arafat was in essence a militant freedom fighter.  Kahane was a fanatic, while Arafat was only following his own religion of Islam (though he didn't necessarily follow it per se like most other Moslems, as well as being a homosexual which resulted in him dying of AIDS, and the attempt to exhume his remains is just a cover up of this by the world media to this effect).  Kahane was a denier of human rights to "Palestinian" refugees, while Arafat was only trying to help the Arab race from the fanatic Jewish settlers in Israel which happened to result in a few suicide bombings here, a few stabbings there, but of course, these human atrocities happened beyond Arafat's "control".  Of course this is not too surprising.  I remember the time when Arafat's "daughter" was born, and the news stations were busy reporting it.  You would think from the media that Arafat was a prime minister, president or vice president of some country if you never heard of him before, but the big irony is that being that he was a lifelong homosexual, his wife Fahima of his later years was a cover up for him, as she was living in France, far away from the Arab lands, and while Arafat was busy between screwing men in the bedroom and planning to murder more Jews, Arafat's "daughter" was conceived by his wife through some other way.

But before some would like to be critical of the media which is virtually like the media was in Communist Russia, as well as the leftist newspapers in Israel of course, it is really not all too surprising when most of Kahane's own people basically felt the same about him - just in perhaps a little different words so as not to appear anti-Semitic.  For the most part among Jews - the secular leftists abhorred him, the moderate modern  Orthodox criticized him, and the right-wing Yeshiva world ignored him.  To be sure, there were Jews of all spectrums of Judaism who even joined him, especially in the early days of the JDL, but they were far too few  and short lived in terms of support for Kahane.   In terms of the last few words of the previous sentence, I am referring especially to two cases - one who later became a lawyer, and was part of the legal team of the evil shameful irreligious Jew William Kunstler (his full name was William Moses Kunstler, may his name and his memory be blotted) who was the criminal attorney for Kahane's assassin, and as this former JDL member who even got arrested as an active JDL member who later turned money loving lawyer put it, he was negating his former JDL activities in his assistance in the defense of Kahane's assassin.  And then there is Avigdor Lieberman, the head of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, who as a Russian Jew, was a member of the JDL which was the one and only outspoken Jewish voice on behalf of the Jews in Communist Russia, who in time joined his hands into the secular Israeli dirty politics, pretending to his own Russian Jewish kind that he cares about Israel, while secretly, or not so secretly, as of late, joined his party with Prime Monster Bibi Netanyahu's Likud, to ensure that this Holy Land will remain under the control of the secular government, fearing a majority of religious votes (even though most of the so to speak religious Jews in the Knesset are corrupt from money and power, and more or less are anti-Kahane, except they show it in various ways).

Now, while Rabbi Meir Kahane was a Jewish activist for the most part since his teens, his founding of the JDL in 1968 marked the beginning of his full time Jewish activism in lieu of other means of livelihood until he was murdered in 1990, which was like 22 years.  Accordingly, since he was murdered, it has been now 22 years without him.  It is true that for the first 10 years since Rabbi Meir Kahane's ascent to Heaven that his most worthy son Rabbi Binyamin Kahane, may Hashem avenge his blood, took over the reigns of the Kahane movement, no less being attempted by the Israeli government and police to be silenced until he was also murdered by Arabs, the "big" Jew the son of the first "big" Jew.  However, not even everyone who were staunch supporters of Rabbi Meir Kahane were willing to be the same for his son Binyamin, and for their own selfish reasons, had baseless hatred for him, and so, the movement of the support of Kahane became far less, which especially affected Jews in Israel as well as its politics.  An example of this - when the Israeli government suddenly banned Kahane's Kach party before beginning his second term, he won 12 seats.  In the previous Israeli election, the Ichud Leumi (National Union) which included the settlement legend Katzeleh and staunch Kahane follower Dr. Michael Ben-Ari won only four seats, with its rival Bayit HaYehudi, a "moderate national" party, won three seats.  So as you can see, though we have yet to see what will be exactly in the near future Israeli election, the support of Kahane based parties have sadly dwindled.

Another major factor, as a trick of the Yetzer Hara (Evil Inclination), are the Parsha sheets.  The synagogues in Israel, especially of the ones whom are called Dati Leumi (national religious, which is for the most part equated with the Modern Orthodox in the States) are full of them - full of Torah sheets relating to the Parsha of the week. Yes, there may be an authentic Torah sermon in these sheets here and there, such as from Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Safed, and Rabbi Dov Lior, Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba - Hebron, who aren't afraid to speak the truth about how the government is mishandling Israel, just like Kahane was, but for the most part, also include other subjects, including politics, especially the ads as of late, making most of the seemingly religious Jewish candidates of the anti-Kahane parties look like they are Tzadikim (righteous people) caring about Jews and Israel.  But the other half of the problem, is that in these Parsha sheets, there are also sermons as so-called words of Torah, from those who may be popular as rabbis, but are clearly turncoats of the Jewish people, such as those with the names Moti Alon (whose father Menachem Alon, though also with the title of rabbi, and judge in the unSupreme Court of Israel, was among those who helped ban Kahane from the Knesset) and Shlomo Aviner, who both came to Gush Katif to help the police and soldiers throw out Jews from there in the post Tisha B'Av 5765 ('05) exile of some 9,000 Jews, as evidenced on video.  And yet, it seems that most of the Dati Leumi community doesn't give a damn as to what these turncoat rabbis have done to some of their own brethren of their own religious kind, and you would think that these rabbis, as featured in these Parsha sheets, are the cream of the crop among rabbis.

And why is this so?  It is very simple.  It isn't simply that they don't exactly agree with everything that the fanatical Kahane said or did, though in terms of fanatics, he never called on killing Arabs, but simply to transfer them - instead of transferring Jews - to one of their 22 countries or whatever other country that would best suit them to live happily ever after.  It's that instead of the likes of Rabbis Kahane, Eliyahu, and Lior, they are for the likes of Alon, Aviner, and many more such Erev Rav rabbis who are quite happy that both Rabbis Meir and Binyamin Kahane are no longer "dominating" the scene.  You see, it is very simple.  Our rabbis tell us that one who is merciful to the cruel will in the end be cruel to the merciful, such as King Saul who was a bit merciful on the Amalekite nation by his keeping alive its animal and its King Agag; and as it happened later on, he ordered Doeg the Edomite to murder the Cohanim, along with their wives and even their baby children of the city of Nov, since the Cohen Gadol (High Priest) in the Tabernacle which was presently in the city of Nov, not knowing that King Saul turned against his own son-in-law the future King David, gave food to the latter.  The truth is that it works the other way around too - those who are cruel to the merciful wind up being merciful to the cruel.  And so, since these same type of Jews who downplayed and downtrodded Kahane, which included banning him, at the end wound up not only not banning the likes of Moti Alon and Shlomo Aviner who deserve according to the Jewish law to be excommunicated for helping to throw out their own Jewish brethren, but continuously praise these rabbis, allowing for their non-stop of "Torah" sermons, as though they are the ultimate authority in Jewish Law (aside from the fact that Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, ZTVK"L forbade Shlomo Aviner several years ago to decide matters in Jewish law after being discovered to have made misjudgments in Jewish law pertaining to the laws of Jewish family purity, which is even more important than the Sabbath and keeping kosher in terms of the purity and holiness of the Jewish family).

And so, you then wonder why so fewer Jews today vote for Kahane based parties today than they did some 25 years ago when Rabbi Meir Kahane was gaining momentum from all spectrums of Jews who knew that only Kahane was the real thing, and the only one who TRULY cared for ALL Jews, regardless of religious affiliation.  It is the spiritual poison of the above Erev Rav rabbis who twist the Torah to fit their personal agenda that they feel will be threatened by the authentic rabbis of truth.  Remember, there is a whole new generation of Jews grown up, being able to vote, and are most influenced by the Parsha sheets have to tell them, instead of what an authentic holy Jewish book from the Tanach (Bible) to the Talmud has to tell them, the very sources that Rabbi Meir Kahane used as the basis of his magnum opus - Ohr HaRahyon - "The Jewish Idea".  They really want to learn the Parsha?  Good.  Open a Chumash (Penteteuch), and see what Rashi and the other authentic Jewish commentators have to say, instead of quoted statements from them that the anti-Kahane rabbis hijack and take out of context to maintain their good standing with the self-hating Jewish, pro-Arab government, who are afraid that otherwise, they may cease receiving funding for their non-Torah institutions, which includes keeping-the-mouth-shut money when it comes to the constant expulsion of Jews from the various "outposts".

I have spoken quite strong before in terms of phony rabbis and other Jewish "leaders".  However, more than simply letting the cats out of the bag in this post, I have really gone into the knitty gritty of the REAL source of the problems going on today under the dictatorship of the Israeli government, courts, police, and army.  Every single one of these Erev Rav rabbis, from the "moderate", to the more outspoken left-wing ones, to the ones who simply don't speak up when it comes time to denounce the crimes by the police done against activist teenage girls who are ordered or forced to strip when illegally incarcerated, to the crimes done to the good teenage boys who are falsely accused of crimes against Arabs (including a rabbi of a city in Gush Etzion who sided with the police about the crime done on Arabs being supposedly done by a few youths of his city, whose name I will reveal in the near future when I hope to soon write to him if he doesn't recant what he said), who are also the cause of the murder of Jews by Arabs, including a few Jews in Kiryat Malachi in yesterday's rocket attack as a result of their silence, let alone when some of them are quick to denounce the likes of Kahane versus when Arab terrorists commit a terrorist act.

Yes, too many Jews today are being CHOCKED by the spiritual poison of rabbis and Jewish "leaders" who have failed them in the truth of Torah and nationalism.  As it is, the last 22 years since the first true BIG Jew was murdered have been especially a time of darkness, in which few have followed Kahane of his previous 22 years of Jewish activism, in which he constantly spoke of transferring the Arabs from Israel to one of their 22 countries of which they were supposedly refugees.

Though Rabbi Meir Kahane's Yahrzeit is 18 Cheshvan, which in this year, fell out on Shabbat Vayeira - when by the way, we read of Yishmael, ancestor of the Arabs, who was thrown out of Abraham's home following his attempted crimes against his half brother Yitzchak, the first one born as a Jew and ancestor of the Jewish people, and in which Yitzchak was willing to have himself sacrificed on the altar (while the Koran claims that this is what happened to Yishmael); when Rabbi Kahane was murdered, it was during the week of Parshat Chayei Sara, which begins with the mention of the 127 years of Sara's life, which is mirrored by the last 22 verses of Mishlei (Book of Proverbs) which is the Aishet Chayil (Woman of Valor) paragraph that we recite before the Kiddush on Shabbat night.

And as an example of one who isn't influenced by peers but sticks to the right pirinciples, like Kahane, when in this Parshat Chayei Sara, Rebecca was asked by her mother and evil brother Laban if she really wants to leave to marry Isaac, when they first attempted to discourage Abraham's servant Eliezer from taking her, she replied without hesitation that she wants to go.  Now mind you, she was only three years old, and had yet to learn of the real G-d, being surrounded with the idols of her home and town.  However, being the good person that she was, wanting to do kindness where needed, and she realized that she was being offered the real thing - a chance to be part of the "Hebrews", she said yes with no hesitation, even though this meant for all that she knew that she would never again see her mother or brother, considering the distance of traveling by camel in those days.

And for the finale of the Parsha, in which Yishmael's children and dwelling place is mentioned, the Parsha ends off with the literal words, referring to his family "in front of all his brethren, he fell".  May this happen very soon, Amen!

And in speaking of a true Jewish leader, from Moses to Kahane, while the name Moses may not have been part of Kahane's name like the middle name of the evil Jewish lawyer who had no shame defending Kahane's murderer, which wound up that the Arab murderer was not convicted of murdering Kahane, and was convicted only of everything else - as illegal gun possession, attempting to kill others, etc., he represented the basic leadership skills of Moses - love and sacrifice for his people.  And indeed, the Gematria of his full Hebrew name with the title of Cohen as Meir Dovid HaCohen is the same Gematria as the name Moshe - 345!

And while it is not Purim at this time of the year, the following is what I thought of about Kahane at Purim time last year, but I didn't have a chance then to write it.  Looking at Rabbi Kahane's name Meir Dovid - you will find an amazing thing - the date 14 Adar as the letters Yud-Dalet Aleph-Dalet-Reish, which is the very date of Purim!  Now in the Purim, we know that Mordechai, despite political pressure in his position to King Achashveirosh, wasn't afraid to tell the Jews not to join the king's feast, even as they didn't listen, and then they blamed him for Haman's hatred and threat of annihilation of the Jews, as well as his staunch refusal to listen to the king's viceroy Haman to bow down to him.  In any case, this very date 14 Adar is also the date of...the Brit Mila (circumcision) of Moshe Rabbeinu, since he was born on 7 Adar, and so his circumcision of one week later fell out on this very date which is included in Rabbi Kahane's Hebrew name!
Now, the remaining letters of his name are a MEM and VAV, which is the Hebrew number 46, which by the way is the Gematria of the name of Levi, parental great-grandfather of Moshe, and ancestor of the Cohanim.
Now to note especially for this year, we are presently in the 46th year from the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on which resided the holiest spot of the earth - the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple).  And as Rabbi Kahane pointed out, it is a Chilul Hashem (desecration of G-d's name) that the Arabs have free reign on this holiest area of the world, when earlier in '67 following the recapture of this area, it was announced by Moti Gur - Har HaBayit B'Yadeinu "The Temple Mount is in our hands", also bemoaning the fact that some rabbis were more concerned about Jews not being allowed on the Mount according to Jewish Law (which is only applicable to certain areas on the Mount, and many rabbis, including the Rambam were on this mount) than the terrible desecration of G-d's name of Arabs being on the Mount.
And as Rabbi Kahane explains, the word Chilul which we define as desecration, comes from the Hebrew word Chalal - vacuum, for when Hashem is mocked, there is a vacuum or vacancy of the holiness and respect of Hashem.

Now, the closest thing we have to Kahane warning us of the impending dangers, G-d forbid, that could happen to the Jewish people - "It's either Kahane or Arafat", is the autistic child named Moishela, who as of late, has been warning the Jewish people of the impending doom, G-d forbid, and that we need to repent now if we are to avoid the worse.  You see, the Jewish people as a whole didn't listen before to a Cohen V'Navi (as mentioned in Megillat Eicha - Lamentations - about the Cohen and prophet Zechariah who warned the Jewish people as per their misdeeds, and Joash, the king of Judea, had him murdered in the Temple on the day that was both Shabbat and Yom Kippur), which perfectly describes both Rabbis Meir and Binyamin Kahane whose prophecies of troubles unfortunately came true, and so now, after suffering so much, we are being given one final chance -through the typing of an autistic child who, more than having a name that is the same Gematria as Moshe - has the name Moshe itself, being reminiscent of Moshe Rabbeinu in the beginning of the history of the Jewish people as a nation at the time of the first Redemption from Egypt, and now, right before the final Redemption, we are being given the final warning signs by someone named Moshe, just as Moshe Rabbeinu warned us in the Torah of the troubles that would befall the Jewish people in the future, including in the End of Days right before the Redemption, if we won't follow what the Torah tells us to do.

Yes, we have had a big vacancy in our standards of Jewish pride in the last 22 years.  However, the good news is that there is a new generation of young Jews in Israel who, though they may have never met Rabbis Meir & Binyamin Kahane, are more followers of them than many if not most Jews today.  It is the heros and heroines of especially the Jewish youth of today, who are examples of what true Jewish leaders are like, and not the rabbis and Jewish "leaders" who attempt to silence them.  For when it comes to a Chillul Hashem, there is no such thing as justified silence, just as when the brothers Shimon and Levi avenged the rape of their sister Dinah by executing the town of Shechem for not denouncing their town leader Shechem's rape of Dinah.  And as Rabbi Kahane writes on this, even though Jacob criticized them for this, it wasn't their avengence and killing of the town itself that bothered Jacob, aside from his initial fear of the surrounding area wanting to attack his family, but rather it was their anger behind it that was the same anger used  in their mistreatment of Joseph when they threw him in a pit.

On a final note, there were two other periods of separation.  There was the separation of Jacob from his parents following a 14 year study in Yeshiva.  And as our rabbis tell us - Mida Knegged Mida - measure for measure for Jacob's 22 year separation from the time that he left for Haran until his return to Israel, his son Joseph was separated from him for 22 years.  Now, the question can be asked, if Jacob traveled to Haran upon being told by his parents to go there to escape from his brother Esau who now hated him for receiving the birthright blessings instead of Esau, as recounted in Parshat Toldot that we will be reading tomorrow, then why was he punished for this?  At least for the first 14 years that he was in Haran, he didn't have much of a choice, since he worked seven years for each of Uncle Laban's two daughters whom he married.  It was only after this immediate obligation that you could say that he had the chance to return to honor his aged parents, but waited another eight years.  If that is the case, then why was he punished for the entire 22 year period (the 14 year period learning Torah beforehand wasn't included in this, since he had no physical reason  aside from his escape from Esau for being away aside from learning Torah)?

No doubt that Jacob was a great righteous person, even as the Torah attests to it that he came Shalem "complete" to Shechem when he finally returned to Israel, being complete in his Torah learning, and not influenced by his evil uncle Laban.  However, since he unnecessarily remained in Haran despite not having any more obligations, even though he came there in obedience of his parents to get married, since he attached additional unnecessary years, his intentions were so to speak considered suspect, for in fact, if he would have trusted sufficiently in Hashem, he could have done the same trick to begin with that he wound up doing to Laban anyways at the end when he finally took off with the whole large family without informing Laban, and as soon as he married Leah and Rachel after seven years, following Laban's trick on him having him marry Leah before Rachel, he could have called for the runaway as soon as he married Rachel instead of working another seven years which resulted from Laban's trickery.  However, not only did Jacob remain another seven years in his obligation that he could have technically not follow now that he married both wives, but he remained for additional time that he had no excusable reason for.  Hence, as far as Hashem was concerned, since this resulted in ignoring his aged parents as per the Mitzva (commandment) of Kibbud Av V'Em (honoring one's parents), he was treated the same way by his most beloved son Joseph having disappeared from him for 22 years.

May it be our Heavenly Father's will that now that we have suffered 22 years of Kahane separation, He will send us, His children, the ultimate spiritual leader who will fight both our physical and spiritual wars immediately - our righteous Moshiach.

2 Kislev 5773

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