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#165 - How do we read 12-21-12?

So, it seems that the world didn't end after all on Friday; or for that matter, nothing especially spectacular seemed to take place about a new consciousness that was supposed to take place between 11:00 AM and 11:11 AM.  Of course I am not quite sure as to what time zone - this time period of 11 minutes was referring to, but is there any truth to the supposed end of the calendar or prophecy of the end of the world of the idolatrous Mayans?

Apparently, Rabbi Matisyahu Glazerson, Shlita, on the forefront of discovering hints of current events in the Hidden Codes of the Torah, thinks so.  But don't get me wrong.  I am not saying that the world is in fact going to end shortly - at least not for another 228 years.  On the contrary, we are awaiting for the very period of time in history that the whole world has been waiting for during the past 5772 years - the era of Moshiach, in which the world will eventually become the way it was before the sin of Adam & Eve, including the high spiritual level of consciousness.  In any case, the Mayan calendar is far from the only source in the non-Jewish world as to things changing in the universe in the near future.

Now, noting the Hebrew date of the now dysfunctional 12-21-12 at 11:00 AM - 8th of Tevet, this marks the day that the translation of the Torah into Greek, particularly the Penteteuch, was completed, upon orders of King Ptolemy of Egypt to 72 Torah scholars.  While the Torah was in fact translated into 70 languages by Moses, without getting into detail about how this was done, this was the first openly disseminated translation let loose to the outside world.  Hence, this date of 8 Tevet is considered a sad day in Jewish history, because this led to the non-Jews misusing the Bible to turn against us in the future, both by using it as an excuse to murder us physically as well as spiritually by attempting to baptize us, G-d forbid.

The Talmud in Tractate Megilla tells us, "If one tells you that the non-Jews have wisdom, believe him.  If he tells you that the non-Jews have Torah, do not believe him."  In fact, it is meant for the non-Jews to delve to science, mathematics, etc. to benefit mankind; but when it comes to G-d's word, aside from the Seven Noahide Commandents, the Torah belongs exclusively to the Jewish people.  And so, distortion of the Torah by non-Jews is nothing short of destructive, because the Bible as they call it is not addressed to them, and without the meaning of the Oral Torah, it is quite shallow without knowing what Hashem meant with His word.

Now, let us take the numbers of the 12-21-12, and we will see that these three numbers add up to 45.  Interestingly, as this date (with the time of AM, because the nighttime is already the next Hebrew date) fell out on Friday, the day of the week on which Adam (and Eve) were created, and the Gematria of Adam's name is 45.  Moreover, his name is the very first word of the 24th and final book of the Tanach (Jewish Bible) called Divrei HaYomim (Chronicles).

In any case, I think that without getting ourselves mixed up with the calendars of other idolatrous societies who were into human sacrifices, the ultimate act of murder in the name of religion, let us get straight down to our own beautiful Hebrew calendar.  As we know, Adam was created on Rosh HaShana, the 1st of Tishrei, which is the beginning of the New Year.  Hence, the date of Adam's creation is 01-01-0001, for it was in the Year 1, following five days of world preparation by Hashem in the Year 0, that mankind began its service to G-d, on the very first day of Year One.  And if we add the three number ones in the Hebrew date of Adam's creation, we have the number three, the Gematria of the word Av (father), for Adam is indeed the father of all mankind.  Oh yes, the numbers of no other date in the history of the world will add up to the small value of the number three, for it was on THIS DATE of the world's existance that Adam was created, and according to our Sages, begot children on this very date for the very first time in world history.

Now, let us continue reading the Book of Chronicles, and before we know it, we will be reading exclusively about Jewish history.   Don't think that we need to start reading histories of other nations to point to the truth, when we already have our Torat Emet - Torah of Truth.

Oh, by the way, I will be eagerly waiting for the date of 8 Tevet in seven years from now.  You see, this date in 5780 - Hei, Tav, Shin, Pei - the acronym of the words Heyei Torah She'B'Al Peh "Will be the Oral Torah" - will mark the beginning of the 14th cycle of Daf Yomi, G-d willing, - and ultimate Tikkun (rectification) of what took place on this date 2,000 years ago regarding the disabuse of our Torah - when we will begin learning the Babylonian Talmud worldwide for the 14th time, a date that Torah Jews should most anticipate looking forward to, as it is the Oral Torah that ultimately marks our exclusive relationship with Hashem.  Hope to see you all then before my 50th birthday, G-d willing.

10 Tevet 5773

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