Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#217 - End of the BLOOD Year

At this time, I am literally hours away from my Jewish birthday, ending my 44th year of life in this world.  It has been significant that I mentioned the number 44 in my previous two posts, as at this time, both the four red moons as related to the number 44, the Gematria of the word Dam (blood/bloodshed) are taking place, and this, within the middle of the second term of the 44th U.S. President Obama.  As for Obama's two presidental terms, multiplying the number 44 by two equals 88, the number that represents the symbol HH, as H is the eighth letter, that stands for Heil Hitler.  And there is another word related to this that also begins with the letter H, of course - Holocaust.  It was only in 1945 that the Holocaust ended with the ending of World War II, a great travesty that occured with the silence of the world, including and especially the United States, our so called ally of Israel, which then was under the leadership of the anti-Semitic U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, during which time a boatload of Jews came to the States escaping the Holocaust, only to be turned back and perish in the flames of Jew hatred.  It was only thanks to Mr. Roosevelt croaking in the midst of his FOURTH term that things changed, with Harry S. Truman taking over the reigns, who even acknowledged Israel as the State of Israel in 1948 shortly after this historical event took place.

In any event, having mentioned before that Obama is Gog (U'Magog), this phrase Gog U'Magog is the Gematria of 70, and next year, the predicted time that Obama will be pressing the red button on Israel, it will be just about 70 years since the end of the Holocaust.  Also, this will be happening around the end of 48 years since the liberation of Jerusalem which occurred in 5727 (1967).  You see, the number 48 is the sum of the numbers FOUR and FORTY-FOUR, and it is particularly on Jerusalem, as foretold in the Tanach, that Gog U'Magog and Co. will be fighting against, which is basically negating the belief of Jerusalem as our capitol as far as they are concerned, attempting to vindicate the claims of the Arabs that the Temple Mount area in their East Jerusalem is theirs, while fighting us in West Jerusalem where most of the Jews in Jerusalem reside, since after all, both the Arabs and the other nations not only don't want us in East Jerusalem, but neither in any part of Jerusalem - or anywhere else in Israel for that matter, but their fight against us will at least begin in Jerusalem, because after all, if we are not entitled to even live in Jerusalem the capitol, then what right do we have to live anywhere else in Israel.  This will especially be the case should Moshiach come soon enough, because then, the nations will make one last attempt to get rid of us, knowing that if indeed we have the true Moshiach that we have been waiting for, the more Jews dead, G-d forbid, the better for them from their perspective, as they will viciously attempt to prevent us from having the long awaited Redemption.

There is something that I had mentioned once before in connection with the number 44, aside from Torah study, that could very well help the Jewish people from this bloodshed predicament.  You see, in the 70 Tikunim of the Tikunei Zohar, the holiest part of the Zohar, Tikkun 44 focuses on the Mitzva of Tzedaka (charity).  Indeed, the final verse of the Haftara for Parshat Devarim, the 44th Parsha, that we read on the Shabbat before Tisha B'Av, reads "Zion will be redeemed with justice, and those who return to her with Tzedaka" (Isaiah 1:27).  And amazingly, as the Tikkunei Zohar at one point explains the verses in Parshat Bereishit in order of the verses, it is Tikkun 44 that explains particularly the section of the Torah of the FOURTH day of Creation.  By the way, this final day of my 44th year falls out on the FOURTH day of the week.  And not to forget, my son Shevach Tzion Yisrael was born on Wednesday, the FOURTH day of the week, of the last day of Week 16 (4*4!) of my 44th year (along with his circumcison one week later on the FOURTH day of the week), whose first two names were given based on my Pasuk (verse) that I recite corresponding to my name Shimon that begins with the letter Shin and ends with the letter Noon (Sophit), the verse beginning with the word Shabechi and ending with Tzion (Zion), noting that the names Shevach Tzion is the same Gematria as my name Shimon - 466!  Moreover, I was born on Day 16 (4*4) of the Sephirat HaOmer.

And moving along on the Sephira calendar in posting, we are currently up to Hod She'B'Netzach, the 26th Sephira combination.  As it turns out for today's very date - the 15th day of the Omer, which is actually the Sephira combination of Chesed She'B'Tiferet - the name of the Sephira of Hod is the Gematria of 15, and the corresponding Sephira for the FOURTH day of the week is Netzach.  And the Shir Shel Yom, the psalm for Wednesday, the FOURTH day of the week, is Psalm 94 along with the first three verses of Psalm 95, which is a total of 26 verses.  And speaking of 26, it is the Gematria of the main name of Hashem written in English as YKVK (where K substitutes H out of respect of Hashem's holy name), which is represented by the Sephira of Tiferet, the combination of Chesed (strict kindness) and Gevurah (strict justice), blending the perfect combination for Hashem to rule this world in order for it to continue existing without getting carried too far away with sins.  Moreover, this Psalm 94 begins with the word E-l, which is the name of Hashem that corresponds with the Sephira of Chesed, even as the opening verse speaks of vengence, except that this vengence against the nations who mistreated us with their anti-Semitism, thus showing Hashem's kindness towards us, just as a father would want to show his beloved son that injustice against him in not tolerable. Hence, today - this FOURTH day of the week of all weeks of the year, the Psalm of this day represents the very Sephira combination of today's Sephirat HaOmer.

The truth is, the Talmud near the end of Tractate Shabbat mentions, where there are a list of predictions for those born on any particular day of the week or under a particular hour that is under the influence of one of the planets, states "There is no Mazel (constellation signs) for the Jews".  For even if what there is supposed to be a bad sign for us, G-d forbid, it can be changed over for the good, if we just but repent, just as a true Ba'al Teshuva (repentant) can change his sins into merits.  The proof for this is what Pharaoh (and is strongly believed that President Obama is a reincarnate of the Pharaoh of the Exodus) told Moses, that he sees Ra'ah (literally means evil) coming to meet the Jews.  In this instance, Pharaoh was actually referring to a star named Ra'ah that indicated bloodshed, attempting to scare Moses from wanting to lead the Jews out of Egypt, so they could remain his slaves.  In any event, we see that this was an actual predicament; but however, it was changed for the good of the Jews in the merit of TWO BLOODS - the blood of Brit Mila (circumcision) and the blood of the Korban Pesach (Pascal lamb) that the Jews smeared on the doorposts which would prevent the Jewish firstborn from being struck when the Egyptian firstborn would be struck.  In retrospect, we see that in essence, the Jews were prevented from a Holocaust at that time, since we see that a DOUBLE BLOOD merit was needed to avert the predicament of this Ra'ah sign, as twice the number 44 is the same number representing Hitler.

As we are coming close to entering this 70th year, being mindful of the 70 Tikkunim of the Zohar, let us do what it takes to avert this coming evil decree, G-d forbid, which includes learning the Zohar - though it must be emphasized that it shouldn't be learned for the sake of learning "the secrets" in using Kabbala, for it is in fact forbidden to use Kabbala for our own means, but simply for the sake of Torah study, as the Vilna Gaon writes that it will be in the merit of the inner parts of the Torah (which includes the Zohar) that we will be redeemed.  And as related to the number of this post, the word HaZohar (the Zohar) is the Gematria of 217.

And in conclusion, we see that there 70 people of Jacob's family that are mentioned by name coming to Egypt.  Actually, the total amount of names are 69, but the 70th was Yocheved, the mother of Moses, who was born just as the Jewish family clan was entering the walls of Egypt.  It seems that her name isn't mentioned in this context, because...she hints to the future Redemption, and we sure hope that by the time that Passover of this coming Hebrew Year 5775, nearing the end of the 70th year, comes around, that we will be able to see good things happening to the Jewish people, despite the upcoming war of Gog U'Magog, leading to our long awaited Redemption.

30 Nissan, 5774