Wednesday, May 12, 2010

#69 - Same History Upside Down

Thought of naming this 69th Post - Same Number Upside Down. But then again, there are other numbers that also fit this category, like 96. Whether there is an actual connection of the number 69 with the contents of this post may be possible, but there is no question that what is going on these days in the pre-Messianic era is echoing what happened right before the Exodus.

But first, today was 43 years from the liberation of Jerusalem, which included the holiest area in the world - Temple Mount & Western Wall. I didn't quite have a chance to write about this earlier today, unlike last year when I wrote during the second half of the night of Yom Yerushalayim/Jerusalem Day and some time into the morning writing about this most special day. As it turned out, I have something to share with you that I noticed today when I visited the Western Wall in honor of Jerusalem Day that I can now write about pertaining to the number 44, which will be the main focus of tonight's blog.

As 43 years have passed since the miracles of that miraculous day of 28 Iyar 5727/1967, this date is the 43rd day of the Sephira. Last year, as you can check my blogpost for May 2009 - #29 - JERUSALEM: The END of Our Journey, I focused on the number 43, being that it was the beginning of the 43rd year from the original Jerusalem Day as the 43rd day of the Sephira. While I certainly will not repeat everything from that post, I will bring here only one paragraph to make a connection with something that I want to point out.

"In terms of the last week of the Sefira having a connection with the last day of the week - Shabbat, the Sefer Yetzira, a kabbalistic book describing how Hashem created the world using the letters of the Alef Beit, notes that there are seven letters - Beit, Gimmel, Dalet, Kaf, Pei, Reish & Tav that correspond to the seven days of the week. Thus, the letter Tav, also the last letter of the Alef Beit, corresponds to Shabbat. Now, if you recall in a previous blog where I wrote about the BIG letter Tav in the word VaTichtov - "Esther wrote" referring to the Megilla that Esther wrote to be read on Purim, you will see an intrinsic connection here of the letter Tav as it relates to both Purim, the holiday corresponding to the Sefira of Netzach according to the Vilna Gaon & (Yom) Yerushalayim which is Netzach according to the Talmud (In the Kedusha prayer for Shabbat morning, we ask Hashem when He will be "King in Zion...within Jerusalem Your city and for all eternity" - U'leNeitzach Netzachim). Thus, Tav is intrinsically related to the last week of the Sefira (Also, there are 49 letters in a verse in Psalms 67:5) that correspond to the 49 days of the Sefira. The 43rd letter of this verse is a Tav - corresponding to this 43rd day of the Sefira - Jerusalem Day!)"

The reason that I mention the above paragraph here is that indeed in this past year which was the 43rd year from the liberation of Jerusalem, I was liberated of my single status and married my wife, whose full Hebrew name Yael Miriam is the Gematria of the letter Tav - 400! And our personal connection in meeting each other in connection with Jerusalem is double. Firstly, I had prayers said on my behalf to find a Shidduch/marriage match at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Secondly, the one flyer about myself that I placed in the Old City of Jerusalem - when I placed almost 500 such flyers in another town - was the one flyer that caught my wife's attention when as a resident of another city in Israel, visited the area on the very next day when she saw that flyer, and it was four months after she made that first call that we were together under the Chupa. Indeed, in the LAST of the Sheva Berachot/SEVEN Blessings recited under the Chupa, it states "May we quickly hear in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem, the voices of gladness, happiness, bridegroom and bride..."

And along these lines, this year's Jerusalem Day was the first Jerusalem Day being married. In fact, on Jerusalem Day last year, I didn't even know of my wife's existance. It would be three months before first meeting each other, and if I would have chosen to be a little more picky, I might have still been single today.

Before I graduate from the 43rd year of the liberation of Jerusalem, I want to make one more connection here, something that I was not able to write a year ago when I wrote my post on Jerusalem Day. The day after Jacob married first thinking that it was Rachel who was his bride when it was Leah, his father-in-law Laban told him to celebrate his first week of marriage, and then he could marry "ALSO this one (Rachel)" - GAM Et Zot. Now, when Leah gave birth to her second son Shimon, she declared that Hashem gave her "ALSO this one" - GAM Et Zeh. In both cases, the word
GAM (also) is used - one in reference to marriage and the other to the birth of Shimon, my namesake. And bearing in mind that the word GAM is the Gematria of 43, I got married in the 43rd year from the liberation of Jerusalem.

44 VERSUS 44

Now that it is the 44th President of the United States that is presently in office, and the United States is the country with the world power, it is the number 44 that is presently ruling the world. That is, there is a spiritual force that is controlling the world that is related to this number. And accordingly, we are now in the beginning days of the 44th year from the liberation of Jerusalem. And by the way, tonight as I am writing this blog is the 44th day of the Sephira.

While atheists and critics who mock spirituality in the "real world" can have a field day laughing at blogs such as mine; the recent months, weeks, and days have shown Obama to not only be working on preventing construction in Israel from taking place even in Jerusalem, but now almost half of United States Jews who voted for Obama feel that they were given a real ride here. (Imagine the Yetzer Harah/evil inclination here that still over HALF of the Jews who voted for Obama tell themselves that they made the right decision). Isn't it interesting that while previous presidents of the United States may have put pressure on Israel pertaining to other parts of the Holy Land, Obama is focusing much more of his energies that construction is not happening especially in Jerusalem. And he is very clever. You see, if Obama forbids Jews to build even in their own, holy capitol, because this will offend the Arabs, then certainly there is no reason to build elsewhere because it's questionable if it has as much rights as Jerusalem, where we used to have the Holy Temple.

I have mentioned in my blogs - only G-d knows how many times - about Obama being the Gog that is written about in Ezekiel 38 & 39 as hinted in the Hidden Codes of the Torah. However, as scary as this may be when you read this, what is what I believe that the scariest part of this war of Gog U'Magog is what is mentioned in the beginning of Zechariah 14, what is read as the Haftara on the 1st day of Succot.

"Behold, a day is coming for Hashem, when your spoils will be divided up in your midst. I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem for the war; the city will be captured, the houses will be pillaged and the women will be violated; half of the city will go out into exile..."

Why Jerusalem of all cities? Even if the Arabs don't want to accept Jerusalem in their Jerusalemless Korans, what about the other nations who are supposed to be practicing Christianity who should believe that the Jews would one day return to their homeland, especially Jerusalem, as written in any Bible or Old Testament?

My friends, when it comes to Anti-Semitism, there is NO LOGIC. Read what it says, "I (G-d) will gather ALL the nations to Jerusalem". Yes, G-d has a plan that
He will somehow have ALL the nations to be convinced that the Jews have no say or rights to live in Jerusalem. Yes, the Bible does not lie. Yes, may G-d lessen the tragedies that is written here, but...many of the Jews who live in Jerusalem will have their property taken away and divided among the fighting nations. Yes, homes will be barged into it and totally plundered, like the circumstances in the Holocaust. Yes, Jewish women - and the enemy won't care if they are "religious" women or not - will be raped. And no doubt is that if this a full scale war, very unfortunately, many Jews will die, may G-d spare us the worst. Yes, much bloodshed here.

By the way, I am presently not living in Jerusalem (like I used to live for two and a half years), and moving to Jerusalem is not in my wife's or my near future plans.
To come to think of it, even if I won the lottery today, I would only consider visiting Jerusalem like I did today. Even if I have work in Jerusalem, I know that I can always take the bus home if I hear impending signs of an upcoming war, but people who live there cannot just as easily put pick themselves up overnight and find an alternate place to live.

With this being said, I fear that this war fighing the Jews in Jerusalem will be taking place in this 44th year from the liberation of Jerusalem which will be led by the 44th president of the United States. You see, in a war, two opposing nations always have something in common - their want or need to kill the other nation, which is full scale bloodshed.


This information connecting Obama with Egypt is taken from for April 26, 2010, as a guestpost from Daniel S. I will just write here a few highlights.

The Zohar states that the Anti-Semitic leading world leaders of all time will come back as reincarnates in the generation of the redemption, only to be destroyed once and for all.

Just as it is known that Saddam Hussein who didn't spare his hatred for Jews,said that he was Nebuchadnezar who destroyed the First Temple, and at the end was hung; so too, there are very startling connections between Obama and the Pharaoh who ruled the Jews at the time of the Exodus.

*As recorded in Egyptian history, this Pharaoh (Akhenaten) ruled for four years up until the time of the Exodus - Obama is slated to be president for four years.

*There is a strong resemblance between the mummied recreation of Pharaoh's face and Obama's, as well as other family members of Pharaoh's in comparison to Obama's family members (see for yourself)

*Obama first spoke to the world from Cairo, Egypt. While there, he visited the city El Amarna that Pharaoh built following the drowning of the Egyptians in the Reed Sea of which Pharaoh was the sole survivor.

*Pharaoh's name is the Gematria of 355 plus the word itself making this 356. The name of Barack Obama in Hebrew is the Gematria of 356! (Note: This is taking into account that there is only one Aleph in Obama's name spelled in Hebrew - in other Gematria uses, Obama can have a second Aleph, but both spellings can be read identically the same).


Now, why am I writing this? You see, Dam/Blood was the first of the ten plagues that Hashem spoke Egypt with for refusing to let the Jews leave the country. Now, DAM which can also mean bloodshed, is the Gematria of 44. And the first letters of the Hebrew names of the 10 plagues D"Tzach Adash B"Achab, as mentioned in the Haggadah, has the same Gematria as Barack Hussein Obama - 501! (This is where Obama's family name includes a second Aleph in the Hebrew spelling). Yes, Obama as the reincarnate of Pharaoh wants to take revenge on the Jews, who according to Rabbi Isaac Luria, the leading Kabbalist in the 1500s, are reincarnates in the generation of the redemption of the Jews of the Exodus. Obama's FIRST and primary objective of his 10 objectives corresponding to the 10 plagues that spote him when he was Pharaoh, corresponding to his first plague of DAM/blood, is to bring bloodshed to the Jews in Jerusalem for refusing to listen to him 100% of the way (Stop playing games, Bibi! Obama is not fooled by you playing on both sides of the fence!); and towards this end, as the leader of the world power country, he will order ALL of the nations - regardless of religion or non-religion - to come and fight us in our holy capitol - probably in OUR present 44th year celebrating Jerusalem's liberation.

There are two places in the Bible where the word DAM/blood is mentioned twice right next to each other. The first is in Deutronomy 17:8 "If a matter of judgment(in Jewish law) is hidden from you, between BLOOD AND BLOOD..." Rashi explains that this means between spritually impure blood and spiritually pure blood. The second is in II Chronicles 19:10 where Jehoshaphat, King of Judea, tells the Jewish Supreme Court (unlike today's unSupreme Court in Israel who make rulings against the Torah) in JERUSALEM, "Any case about which there is an argument that is presented to you from your brothers who live in the cities, whether it is between BLOOD AND BLOOD". In this instance, Rashi explains that this is referring to murder. How spooky!


On 24 Nissan, the 9th day of the Omer, I decided to stay home that day from work. Why? To begin with, this Hebrew year spelling the letters Hei Tav Shin Ayin can also read HaTeisha "The Nine". As mentioned in past posts of mine, nine is a number that signifies darkness, particularly as related to Tisha B'Av which is the 9th day of the month of Av that is represented kabbalistically by the letter Teit which is nine. And the 9th plague to smite the Egyptians was darkness. Indeed, Tisha B'Av is the darkest day in the Jewish calendar when some of the greatest tragedies occured to the Jewish people, including the destruction of both Temples. And as we know, there are nine months of pregnancy which concludes with birthpangs. Accordingly, the Chevlei Moshiach "birthpangs/labor pains of tbe Messiah" will take place right before Moshiach comes. In the Hidden Codes of the Torah, I discovered that this final process would begin on Succot 5770, this year of "THE NINE"!

Indeed, on the final day of Succot of this year, Obama who barely was president of the United States for several months, was elected to receive a Nobel peace prize. Logically, there is no logic to this. Most earn this after a long record of showing their peaceful capabilities. As Anti-Semitic as Jimmy Carter, a former president of the United States, is, I would well understand if he would be elected for a peace
prize, even as part of earning it would be because he convinced Israel to give some of its land to Egypt. The only logic for Obama receiving this is that he was politically born on Tisha B'Av in 2004 when he made his first political speech when only a small fraction of the American public barely heard of him. Indeed, this is a true world of darkness.

Now understand the dynamics of the election of the peace prize for Barack Hussein Obama. Through this, he will automatically be viewed as someone who represents the essence of peace, and his word will now be infinitely more respected than ever. And if someone who is viewed as represents peace will tell the world to fight Israel for refusing his demands, then small wonder that ALL the nations will gather together to fight Israel.

With this being said, the 49 days of the Sephira are represented by corresponding 49 combinations of seven Sephirot/Divine Emanations. The NINETH day of the Sephira corresponds to the attribute of Gevurah She'B'Gevurah. Gevurah normally just means strength, but in this instance, it means more like strict judgment. Hence, it is strict judgment that is within strict judgment - which is in fact the strictest of the 49 combinations of the Sephirot.

In a normal year, I don't get all paranoid with this date. However, being that this date was in the year of "THE NINE" with all the negative connotations related to this number, I feared that G-d forbid something could happen to me, or at the very least not be successful with what I would want to accomplish in the way of work on that day.

Personally, I had a negative experience with this number in the beginning of this year. In the first post of this year of 5770, I wrote in detail about the number nine as related to this year in terms of the "labor pains of the Messiah", in reference to which I mentioned the date of 9 Tishrei - the 9th day of the Jewish year - as recorded in the Torah, the day before Yom Kippur. Well, it was during the earlier part of this night which was after Shabbat, I had unusual stomach cramps that made it difficult for me to walk home from the short distance that I was in this synagogue near home. Yes, I felt something like you would call "labor pains". Thank G-d, after a few hours in the midst of taking care of myself, I felt better, and during the day, I felt fine. Being that I have a very strong connection to numbers as you will read on the left side of the beginning of my blog page, I had a very personal experience related to the negativity as related to the number nine, especially as the date of the nineth of Tishrei is mentioned in the Torah. Speaking of which, on this 9th day of the Sephira, I found myself at one point with a very strong cold which sprang on me all of a sudden.

With this said about my personal experience, what about what took place in the world on this 9th day of the Sephira? There was a significant peace of news that indeed happened, in fact, it seemed like it was a good thing that happened. On this day, Obama and the leader of Russia jointly signed a document promising to reduce their respective nuclear arms. And indeed, the Bible does fortell of the time when the nations will stop fighting each other. But, I knew in my heart that there was some sort of tradeoff.

My friends, I think Rabbi Nachman Kahana, brother of murdered Rabbi Meir Kahana, HY"D, may G-d avenge his blood, explained it best. Again referring to, I will have the following copied verbatim, so you will feel the full brunt of what REALLY happened on this day that will serve to be a MAJOR negative force against Jews in the United States.

"In our time, we are again witness to the phenomena whereby HaShem plucks out an unknown personality from "nowhere", and catapults him to the highest position in his land."

"Barack Chussein Obama, whose place of birth is unclear, whose time of study at Columbia University is not recorded in the records of the institution, whose years at Harvard are cloudy - now sits in the Oval Office of the President of the United States. On the 10th of September 2001, if someone would have suggested that a black man with Moslem leanings, who attended the church of a masochistic self-hating pastor, would be the United States’ next president, he would have been considered to be mad."

"And yet it has happened. The hand of God has plucked out this man from nowhere in order to set the next stage for the world’s change of gear in its bumpy ride towards the future."

"It will be a ride where the passengers will witness the United States as the leader of the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic peoples of the world."

"I am not sure if the correct description of the Jews’ situation in America is the slow closing of a window or the quick descent of the guillotine, but with every passing day their situation is more precarious, without their being aware of the shifts."

"The American President and his administration have voiced their intention to reduce the United States’ dependence on nuclear weapons in favor of increasing their conventional weapons option. This will, by necessity, require enlarging army manpower through re-enacting the Selective Service Act."

"As I have often written in the past, your holy sons and daughters will be inducted into the US army for several years; instead of their planned year of study in Eretz Yisrael. Your children will not be permitted to leave the US, even for a visit, from the age of 14 until 28."

"A limit will be placed on the amount of money you will be permitted to withdraw from the United States. Your personal liberties will be infringed upon, to the point that you will all feel caged in."

"On the other hand, the clever and prudent Jews who will leave in time, will find an Eretz Yisrael enjoying an ever increasing per capita income. A land blessed by HaShem, developing in all ways despite the many enemies who are daily frustrated in their attempts to harm us. A land that despite its problems, the satisfaction level of its citizens is among the highest in the world."

"A neighbor just returned from a visit to Brooklyn, New York. He describe the spread of Jewish "colonization" - both Sephardic and Ashkenasic - into the old Italian and Irish neighborhoods, where, as boys, we feared to tread."

"Yeshivot, Shuls, Shtieblich, and all the trappings of Jewish communal life now exist there."

"I can see what the future holds for my well intentioned brothers and sisters who remain there, but I can only cry for them."

"But not as much as our Father in Heaven is crying for them!"

Nachman Kahana

Now mind you, Rabbi Nachman Kahana, a big Torah scholar and the younger brother of Rabbi Meir Kahana who wrote and spoke very strongly about making Aliyah, moved to Israel ten years before Rabbi Meir Kahane. Reading the above, no doubt that he is privy to some crucial details, including the exact ages of the youngsters in the United States who will soon find themselves being trained to serve in the army FOR FOURTEEN YEARS! Yes my friends, G-d forbid, this will be similar to the Jews of over a hundred years ago who were forcibly conscripted into the Russian Army for 25 years until some time in their 40s, all during that time not being married.

Yes indeed, the strictest judgment of wasting fourteen years of Jewish lives without being allowed to even visit Israel! (NOTE: Even if Moshiach comes soon, it doesn't mean that all Jews will be allowed overnight to leave the country they live in. It is precisely during this time that the nations of the world will stupidly make their final attempt to fight us and Moshiach, knowing that this will be their last chance to fight us. This is precisely why it is crucial that ALL Jews who can physically move around get their act together, get the money for airfare in any legal means possible, including borrowing from credit cards, and run out of their respective countries, ESPECIALLY the United States, heading towards Israel. Remember, Moshiach will only take care of Jews who are living in Israel. Moving to Israel is YOUR part).

It was precisely during the NINETH plague of darkness of the 10 plagues that stroke the Egyptians that the Jews who didn't want to leave Egypt who died. While it seems from Rashi and other sources that they physically died, the question can be asked is that even if they died during the days of darkness when the Egyptians wouldn't have known then that some Jews died, wouldn't they have noticed the difference afterwards?

The truth is that I heard from the webowners of that indeed, this was a spiritual death. Just as the Egyptians were smotten with a very thick darkness; so in the spiritual sense, so many Jews who prefered the Egyptian way of life despite the slavery involved as opposed to traveling to Israel were in the midst of spiritual darkness, blinding themselves to what they were supposed to realize as Jews that the exile is not our real place to live but only in Israel, and were thus left to stay in Egypt, eventually dying out as being part of the Jewish people.

Also on this very date of 24 Nissan 5770, the Tekufat Nissan according to the calculations of the Sage Shmuel in the Talmud, took place at 11:39 PM Jerusalem time.
As noted in a Midrash, each of the four Tekufot, or the beginning of the four seasons, is a time that represents some negative thing that took place on or in connection with that Tekufah/period. It was on Tekufat Nissan that Moses hit the rock to bring forth water instead of speaking to it as Hashem told him to do, the result of which was that Hashem did not allow Moses to enter Israel. Hence, it is mentioned in Halacha/Jewish Law not to drink water during this time of the beginning of each Tekufah. And as we know, water represents the aspect of Chesed/Kindness as opposed to fire that represents the aspect of Gevurah/Strict Judgment. What a combination of Gevurah that took place on this day, especially in this year. Wow!


Here I am writing on the 44th day of the Sephira about the 44th president of the United States and the 44th year from the liberation of Jerusalem.

In Hebrew, the words for the number 44 is Arba'ah V'Arbaim, which literally means "four and forty". Now if you look in the Hebrew, these two words have a total of 12 letters. Out of these 12 letters, HALF of them will spell...Obama's family name using the letters Aleph Vav Beit Aleph Mem Hei - including the first and last letters of these two words! And it is on this day that the combinaton Sephira is Gevurah She'B'Malchut - "Strict Judgment within Kingship". Indeed, the ultimate revelaton of strict judgment as it relates to being "king", the leader of the world leading country as the FORTY FOURTH president of the United States!

As you will see in many Siddurim/prayer books that for each of the 49 days of the Sephirah, there is a corresponding letter taken from Psalms 67:5 consisting of 49 letters, BOTH the 9th day & the 44th day have the corresponding letter Noon, which equals 50. According to Obama's claims, he was supposedly born in Hawaii, which is the 50th and LAST state of the United States. What is perhaps even more interesting,
is that in his cover up for where he was REALLY born, there are conflicting reports based on what his own sister claims, that there is a discrepancy as to which one of two hospitals he was supposedly born in. But the ultimate significant thing here is that his smokescreen for his claim to the presidency as a "natural born citizen" is his claim of being born in Hawaii. He took the oath of office on January 20, 2009, in the midst of the FIFTIETH year from when Hawaii, the FIFTIETH state, became a state on August 21, 1959, where he falsely claims he was born in (when he was really born in Kenya).

Indeed, the word Tamei - spiritually impure, as mentioned earlier in reference to blood, is the Gematria of 50. As mentioned by our Rabbis, had the Jews remained in Egypt for even a moment longer, they would have been drawn into the FIFTIETH level of impurity from which it would have been spiritually impossible to ever get out of. Indeed, Obama - the reincarnate of Pharaoh who ruled Egypt during the Exodus, claims his TAMEI/impure - the Gematria of FIFTY - spiritual powers from his claims to birth in the FIFTIETH state. (No American President has yet to have been born in this state). And the fact that he really wasn't born there doesn't really matter - it's his claim of being born there that brought him to be the leader of the United States - plain and simple!

Yes, there is a connection of the number 69, the number of this post, to here. You see, in the Aramaic phrase of Sitra Achara/Other Side which is another name for SPIRITUAL IMPURITY, the first two letters of this phrase is Samech Teit, which is the number 69! And indeed, it was in the Hebrew year of 5769 ending with this number
that Obama got elected and took the oath of office. What is also significant here is that the phrase of Sitra Achara is in Aramaic. The Hebrew word for Aramaic is Aramai, similar to the word Ramai/trickster.

It is only now that many Jews who voted for Obama are beginning to realize that Obama indeed was nothing but a trickster, the very word that describes Laban, Jabob's father-in-law, whose name means WHITE, reminding one of the WHITE House, which is for the first time in United States history being run by someone who is black (though technically "half" black). Indeed, our Rabbis comment that Laban reached a new level of a spiritual low in the sense that until his days, people who committed sins at least didn't pretend that their sins were good, upright deeds until he came along and made sins look like white. In this way, Obama indeed can be said about his way of doing things as president is unlike what all the previous presidents of the United States did things. Yes, some of them did wrong things, but they didn't act in the clever way that Obama is behaving.


In the entrance room left of the Western Wall, included there is the Tehillim/Book of Psalms on parchment that is guarded by glass, but can be rolled to anywhere within this Tehillim. I don't know how long it was left the way it was when I noticed it, but curious to see what it was on, I noticed that it basically was showing the 44th Psalm. While there is no why for me to know for sure why it rolled particularly on this Psalm, being that today was the beginning of the 44th year from the liberation of Jerusalem which included the Western Wall, a few minutes later, someone came and rolled it to another part of the Tehillim.

Psalm 44, as mentioned by commentaries, laments bitterly of this bitter exile, including mentioning of how we Jews used to have it very good and that we lost it, with a request that we will once again be returned to the state that we once had our virtual utopian existance. Yes, Jews in the United States who are presently under the dictatorship of the 44th president Barack Hussein Obama have to realize that they are indeed living in a bitter exile - spiritually, and soon to be proven physically; and if they want to live a better life, they need to return to Hashem, including returning to our long-awaited homeland, and then they can hope to be returned to the best life possible.

To note, this anniversary date of Yom Yerushalayim in this year fell out on the same day of the week as when the miraculous day took place - on Wednesday (4th day of the week). The Shir Shel Yom/Psalm for this day of the week is Psalm 94, which was the very last Psalm that the Levites in the First Temple sang, right before the Babylonian forces took control and burned the Temple on that day of Tisha B'Av. It it mentioned in Midrash Me'Am Loaz that had the Levites would have been able to have finished the Psalm, the Temple would not have been destroyed. But in any case, being that I mentioned earlier that Obama was politically born on Tisha B'Av, our Rabbis tell us that Hashem sends us the cure before the blow. Thus, it is significant that this 44th year from Jerusalem's liberation began first of all on the same day of the week as when the liberation took place; but also, it is this very psalm that the Levites almost finished when the Temple was destroyed that ends off with "May Hashem our G-d cut them off (our enemies)".

And as per what I wrote a little earlier about spiritual impurity, Obama's first political speech was his endorsement of then Democratic candidate John Kerry. As it turns out, the name Kerry in Hebrew - Koof Reish Yud - spells the very word related to sexual impurity! And speaking of Obama as the reincarnate of Pharaoh king of Egypt, the Torah tells us that the Egyptians were full of sexual perversions.

And as far as Bibi Netanyahu is concerned, who is more like a baby (Baby Bibi) showing a lack of trust in Hashem, lack of use of leadership skills and is afraid of what Obama and other world leaders will react to his ever slightest consent of construction even within confined areas in Jerusalem, will find at the end that it will all be in vein, and ALL the nations of the world, as predicted in the Bible, will not only cry bloody murder, they will come to perform bloody murder on us Jews, may G-d spare us the worst. And worst of all for Bibi, he will forever go down in history and in Gehinnom/Hell as one who endangered Jews in the name of politics, power, and money. Isn't it interesting that his nickname Bibi spells this year's secular year twice? In Hebrew, the number 2010 is spelled as Beit Yud, where the Beit assumes the Gematria of 2,000, as opposed to the usual value of the number two, and the Yud is 10, hence 2,010, which is repeated twice in his nickname. What this signifies is that to begin with, he lives a non-Jewish lifestyle of not keeping the Torah (though he does have a daughter from a previous marriage who is in fact living as an observant Jewess); and secondly, he shows major fear of the non-Jewish world who lives according to the Christian calendar which shows the number 2010 as the number of the secular year. And it is in THIS secular year in which he is showing this the most between fearing Obama more than ever and not doing anything in the offensive to prevent an attack from Iran when he is more afraid of what the world would say if Israel would attack first.

Let's hope that indeed, the conclusion of the "labor pains of the Messiah" will conclude in this Hebrew year of 5770, as Moses predicted as being the year of the end of the troubles of the Jewish people as hinted in the Talmudic Tractate of Berachot on the first Parsha of the Book of Exodus, as I wrote about in a previous blog a few months ago. And in the wording of the date of Tisha B'Av, it can be reread using the same letters as B'Av Hei Tav Shin Ayin - In Av (or 2 Av) 5770 (the word Tisha itself when rearranging this word spells this very year of 5770!) And as mentioned in Talmudic literature, Moshiach was born on the day that the Temple was destroyed. Meaning, that the potential of Moshiach coming even on the very day that the Temple was destroyed already existed. It is only up to us to start listening to what the Torah is telling us to do, and then we will have no reason to fear what the nations of the world will say or do.

In conclusion, I want to point out one more thing related to the 49 days of the Sephira. There is a another prayer that we say in connection to counting the Sephira - the famed Kabbalistic prayer called Ana B'Ko-ach. It consists of 42 words and after each phrase of six words, there is an acronym written in the Siddur/prayer book of each corresponding phrase. Hence, there are a total of 49 words/acronyms that correspond to the 49 Sephira days. Hence, the 44th day of the Sephira corresponds to the word Kabel/accept of the Ana B'Ko-ach prayer. This word is in the phrase that reads "ACCEPT our outcry and hear our screaming - the knower of hidden things". As it turns out, this word KABEL is the Gematria of 132, a multiple of 44 three times, or 44*3! Indeed, in this year, the number 44 displays itself three times simultaneously - the 44th day of the Sephira falls out on the 44th year from the liberation of Jerusalem, in the midst of the leadership of the 44th president of the world leading country.

While some Jews focus on the three middle letters of Jerusalem - U.S.A., the rest of us who will have trust in Hashem instead of Obama can indeed hope that Hashem will ACCEPT our outcry. Indeed, we are days away from the holiday of Shavuot - the day of KABBALAT HATORAH - our ACCEPTANCE & receiving of the Torah, which is the 50th day from Sephirat HaOmer, the Sephira count, which will counteract the spiritual impurity as implied by the word Tamei which is the Gematria of 50. Perhaps the all time irony about Obama is that he is misuing Hawaii - the 50th State - for his own purposes of being the president of the United States claiming that he was born there when he wasn't, wants to control Israel by forbidding Jews to build in their own capital city Jerusalem who have been its sole owners for a few thousand years. Jerusalem is in fact called Ir David, the city of King David - who was born and passed away on Shavuot - whose name in Hebrew is the Gematria of 14, and Noon which is the Gematria of 50 is the 14th letter of the Alef Beit. May Moshiach, a descendant of King David, soon reveal himself, and show that Hashem is the Ultimate Boss, Who will take us out of the impurities of exile, just like He took out of Egypt with a YAD(=14) Chazaka - "Strong HAND", and then we Jews will live once and for all in ALL of our Land of Israel.

G-d willing, I will be writing right before Shavuot of next week about the positive side of this year as related to the number...(you can guess what is next)

29 Iyar 5770, 44th day of the Sephira

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