Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#70 - KING in the Last MILLENIUM

Don't have much time now as it is shortly before Shavuot when writing is forbidden, but I feel that I have to at least start writing this 70th Post. You see, a short time ago, I read the part in the holiest part of the Zohar called Tikkunei Zohar, referring to the 70 rectifications of the Zohar based on the first word of the Torah - Bereishit (In the Beginning).

As I did last year, I learn a Daf of Tikkunei Zohar every day from Lag Baomer - 18 Iyar, the Yahrzeit of the author of the Zohar - Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai (or Rashbi for short) through the 4th day of Succot - 18 Tishrei which is the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Among the connection between these two big Tzadikim/righeous people, is that both passed away on the 18th of a month, their names Shimon Ben Yochai & Nachman Ben Simcha each have the same Gematria - 553; and as the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov whose name Nachman is the Gematria of 148, his Yahrzeit is the 148th day from Rashbi's Yahrzeit! Hence, the fact that there are 148 Dafim (double side pages as printed in the first official publication of the Tikkunei Zohar) highlights the connection between Rashbi and Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, and thus learning the 148th & final Daf on Rabbi Nachman's Yahrzeit whose name is the Gematria of 148 cannot be said to be a mere coincidence. In turn, Rabbi Nachman in his introductory paragraph right before the beginning of his magnum opus, the Likkutei Moharan, mentions the hint to Rashbi in the Torah. Hence, both the Tikkunei Zohar and the Likutei Moharan hint to the name of the author of the other holy book.

And if this was not enough, it is in the SEVENTIETH Torah of the first part of the Likkutei Moharan where the birthday of its author Rabbi Nachman - Rosh Chodesh Nissan is mentioned, just as there are SEVENTY Tikkunim of the Zohar. And as far as today - the LAST day of the Sephirah - is concerned, the portion that I learned which is called "The other (2nd) introduction to the Tikkunei Zohar (the 70 Tikkunim)" near the conclusion of this 17th Daf of the Tikkunei Zohar corresponding to today, which is the 17th day from Lag Baomer, it mentions that "Rabbi Shimon opened his discourse saying "In the beginning, G-d created" (Genesis 1:1) "The secret of Hashem to those who fear Him and His covenant He makes known to them" (Psalms 25:14) - Sod/Secret (The word Sod being the Gematria of 70) these are the SEVENTY facets through which the word Bereishit is explained".

Hence, as per my learning of the Tikkunei Zohar, the actual start of the learning of the 70 Tikkunim based on the first word of the Torah "Bereishit" begins on Shavuot, the holiday on which we received the Torah which begins with the word Bereishit. And among the names for this holiday that the Torah gives, one of them is Atzeret, which literally means retreat - a one (or two days outside of Israel) retreat from our regular workweek, which begins with the letter Ayin, being the Gematria of SEVENTY.

Similarly, as a side note as it relates to the above - the name of the LAST tractate of Mishnayot which is called Uktzin - which refers to the stem of plants in terms of Halacha/Jewish Law as they relate to impurity - begins with the letter Ayin, which is the Gematria of SEVENTY.

And to note, Rabbi Nachman's first wife passed away on this very day - 5 Sivan - Erev Shavuot, the 49th and concluding day of the Sefirah, corresponding to the spiritual Sephira of Malchut She'B'Malchut - Kingdom within Kingdom. As Malchut is the Gematria of 496, I am presently in my 496th month of life, beginning days ago on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, which marks the very day that the Jews arrived at Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah (NOTE: I was born in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach). Hence, this day - 5 Sivan - of Malchut She'B'Malchut is especially related to me this year.

Will continue, G-d willing, in the coming week following Shavuot when I will elaborate on the connections between the concept of 70, the aspect of King, and which Millenium that I am referring to (there are two of them).

5 Sivan 5770, 49th & Final Day of the Sephira

Continuing on now on the last of the seven days of what is called Shivat Yemai Tashlumin, the seven days from Shavuot through 12 Sivan during which time, the holiday sacrifice could be brought in the Temple, like Passover & Succot during which it could be brought during these week long holidays, this is an excellent time to continue on the above theme.

As I had mentioned last about the concept of Malchut/Kingdom being noted three times - Malchut She'B'Malchut in my 496th month of life being that Malchut is the Gematria of 496, there are two places where this concept of Malchut is mentioned three times. First, in some prayer books which I believe is originally mentioned in the Zohar, it states Hashem Melech - Hashem Malach - Hashem Yimloch Leolam Vaed
"Hashem is King, Hashem was King, and Hashem will be King forever and forever". And then in the very last Psalm in Tehillim/Book of Psalms which is mentioned as attributed to King David who was born and passed away on Shavuot, which is the famous Ashrei prayer recited three times daily, it states (Psalms 145:12-13) "...and the glorious splendor of His kingdom. Your kingdom is a kingdom spanning all eternities..."

It's interesting to note that this Psalm's verses each begin in order of the letters of the Alef Beit except for the letter "Noon" which is omitted (besides the reason given for this in the Talmud, it could hint to the fact that as the last Psalm mentioned to the attributeship of King David, he passed away on Shavuot which is called the "50th day" being it's the 50th day from the start of Sefirat HaOmer/Count of the Omer, and the letter "Noon" is the Gematria of 50). With this being said, the second of the verses that is mentioned here in connection with kingdom begins with a Mem - Malchutcha/Your KINGDOM, which can also hint to the fact that King David, as author of this Psalm, was the first king of the Davidic dynasty who reigned for 40 years, being that the letter Mem is the Gematria of 40. Accordingly, as Moses, the one who taught the Torah to the Jewish people, was their leader for 40 years, and is in fact called a king, as the verse "There was a king in Jeshurun..." (Deutronomy 34:5) hints to, and his name begins with a Mem=40.

Speaking of kingdom being mentioned three times, in Talmud Shabbat 88a where the details of the Torah being given on Shavuot is mentioned, it states that "The Torah of thirds (Torah, Prophets, Writings) was given to a people of thirds (Cohen, Levy, Yisrael) through one who was born third in his family (Moses) on the 3rd day of abstinence from women (6 Sivan being the 3rd of these days) of the 3rd month (Sivan)." And to note, when Hashem first spoke to Moses upon the Jews arriving at Mt. Sinai, He called us Mamlechet Cohanim V'Goy Kadosh "A kingdom of priests and a holy nation".


While Hashem has always been king, not everyone always acknowledged it or have yet to acknowledge it. Even among the nations who say they believe in G-d, so many of them hate Hashem's Chosen People, even as the Bible says straight out the boundries of Israel which was given to us, but they shut their Bibles (to be specific, the Old Testament part of it) on this page and declare that we are terrorizing the poor "Palestinians" and "occupying" the West Bank, which is clearly part of Israel's territories as mentioned in the Bible. Numerous millions of Jews were murdered in Jesus' name, which just comes to show that in effect, Christians who have hated Jews through murdering us via the sword to forced baptisim, to missionary conversion, really consider Jesus, rather than G-d, as king, while calling him "G-d's son".

While the real Messiah will reveal himself in this 6th millenium of the world's existance of which only 230 years are left, during which time, the whole world that is left after G-d punishes the evildoers will acknowledge Him being King, it will be only in the entire 7th millenium continuing on forever that everyone will acknowledge Him as King. And as there are seven spritual emanations (Sephirot) as related to action, the last of these is Malchut/Kingdom, hence corresponding to Shabbat - the 7th day of the week, and the 7th millenium when the world will become desolate of inhabitation following the six milleniums of the world's existance. Indeed, these facts which I just mentioned are contradicted by the Christian calendar which states the year as 2010 as though the period of time before Jesus was born means nothing and that Sunday - Church Day - is considered the end of the week as opposed to the holy Sabbath which begins on Friday evening and concludes on Saturday evening.

And while one may argue stating that both Judaism & Christianity believes in a Messiah; forgetting even who is considered the Messiah, the key difference here is that the Christians consider Jesus, whom they believe as the Messiah, as a god, or part of G-d. And while there are rabbis who state that non-Jews are in fact allowed to believe in what is called the Trinity since the verse states Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad "Hear O Israel, Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One" (Deutronomy
6:4), thus stating that it is only Jews who are obligated to believe in only one
G-d with no partnership, it's the fact that the Christians who attempted to convert Jews all through the last two milleniums is what the big sin here is. In fact, ours is the only religion which states that even those (non-Jews) who do not practice our religion can still go to Heaven if they observe the "Seven Laws of Noah".

But perhaps the most rediculous claim of Christianity is right from the start of the New Testament which traces Jesus' parental line to King David, thus claiming his rights as the Messiah as Christians also know that the Messiah is destined to be a descendant of King David. However, in claiming Jesus to be a god, the New Testament also claims that he was born through Divine Matriculation, which means that his mother Mary's husband John could not have been Jesus' father, and hence "G-d is the Father, and Jesus is the Son". Now, let the Pope & Vatican figure out once and for all as to who was the father of Jesus, and then decide whether Jesus is a god or the Messiah. Thank You!

In any case, while the Chumash/Penteteuch/Five Books of Moses is the most important part of the Tanach/Bible, no doubt that the most popular book of the Bible - to both Jews & (L"Havdil) Christians - is Tehillim/Psalms, as it is also a book of prayers, the bulk of which was composed by King David who combined it with Psalms composed by other Biblical figures, and in time, became composed of 150 Psalms, the Book of the Bible with the most chapters.

As the last of the Shiva Ro'im "Seven Shepherds", who are the Ushpizin/Heavenly Guests of Succot, King David corresponds to the last of the seven Sephirot which is Malchut/Kingdom, and Shabbat - the last of the seven days, which was indeed the day of the week on which he passed away on. Hence, it was most fitting that it should be King David of all people to be the compiler of the Book of Psalms, praising G-d and describing G-d as being King, since he himself knew what it was like to be a king.

Now, the Midrash states "There is no king without a nation". This is primarily why the Torah was not officially given until the Jews became a nation and accepted G-d as King over them, as the beginning of the Ten Commandments, the foundation of the 613 Mitzvot/Commandments of the King, states "I am Hashem, your G-d". Even so, Adam as G-d's first human creation, declared G-d as his King right from the start, stating "Come, let us prostrate and bow, let us kneel before G-d our Maker" (Psalm
95:6), using all three forms of physical submission to G-d as performed in the Temple
acknowledging G-d as King as performed in front of an earthly king. (Note: This verse is in Psalm 95, and HaMelech/THE King is the Gematria of 95!)

With this being said, the very first word of the 24th and final book of the Tanach - Divrei HaYomim/Chronicles (NOT the Old Testament which treats Malachi as the last of 39 books) is Adam. As I had mentioned in past posts, the first letter of Adam's name
as mentioned here is spelled as a large Aleph. Among other reasons given for this, I had mentioned that as a large Aleph, it signifies the other Gematria of Aleph which is usually the number one. In this instance, it can also refer to the Gematria of 1000, as placed in front of a number. This signifies the fact that when Hashem told Adam that "on the day that you eat from the Tree of Knowledge, you will die". Now technically, when Adam ate the forbidden fruit, he was really supposed to die on that day. However, Hashem in His infinite mercy interpreted His own statement of one day to mean a 1,000 years as "A thousand years in Your eyes is like yesterday" (Psalms 90:4), and alloted 1,000 years to Adam. However, when Hashem showed Adam his future descendants featuring King David as living for only three hours, it didn't add up for his future accomplishments. Hence, Adam awarded 70 years of his own life to King David. Indeed, it has been said that the letters of Adam - Aleph, Dalet, Mem - spell the names Adam - DAvid - Messiah.

As it relates to Shavuot, the first of the Ten Commandments is the belief in the existance of Hashem. An example of displaying this Mitzva is the acceptance of what is called Ohl Malchut Shamayim - the yoke of the Heavenly Kingdom. As I already mentioned here about Malchut being the Gematria of 496, the other two words of this phrase Ohl/yoke & Shamayim/heaven(ly) when added together is also the Gematria of
496. Also, the first word Ohl is the Gematria of the name of the letter Noon, and in turn, the letter Noon is the Gematria of 50, hinting to the "50th day" referring to Shavuot when we received the Torah which began with the Ten Commandments starting from this very concept.

And as related to this year, the first letter of this phrase Ohl Malchut Shamayim - is Ayin, the last letter of the number of this Hebrew year. Indeed, it has been mentioned that the word Shema, the first word of the Mitzva of reading the twice daily Shema, beginning the verse "Hear O Israel, Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One" (Deutronomy 6:4) - contains the letters Shin, Mem, Ayin - beginning the letters of the phrase Ohl Malchut Shamayim in reverse. In any case, the Ayin of the word Shema in the Sefer Torah is BIG in comparison to the other letters, just as the first letter of the Torah which is a Beit is also BIG.


While I already mentioned the first and last periods of 1,000 years, I am actually referring to another slot of a thousand years, that is, the last 1,000 that has just happened. While I am very surprised that except for a mention or two of this on the internet, and not mentioning anything of holding a thousand year anniversary, there is something most significant that took place exactly 1,000 years ago during the month of Sivan. It was in Sivan 4770 (1010) that for the first time in history, the
first Tanach was written complete with vowels and cantillation notes, popularly known as the Codex. You see, in a Sefer Torah/Torah Scroll, you only see letters, as the vowels and cantillation notes had to be memorized as part of the Torah She'B'Al Peh/Oral Torah. This was compiled together by someone named Aharon Ben Moshe Ben Asher, whose version of the Tanach is quoted by the Rambam/Maimonides in his Hilchot Sefer Torah - The Laws of a Torah Scroll.

As a side note, it can be said that the internet is the vowels and cantillation notes of communication, the information superhighway that has changed lives - for the better or worse - forever. The reason that I thought to say this is that the first letter for vowels in Hebrew is Nekudot, and the first letter for cantillation notes in Hebrew is Te'amim, which together spell the word Net, as referring to the internet as used in Modern Hebrew! And it is on my 41st day of my 41st year that I am writing this, as the word Blog in Hebrew is the Gematria of 41.

Now, while we may not know the exact date that the conclusion of this Codex was written in the month of Sivan, we do know that we received the Torah on this month.
While I do not know how long it will take for the word to spread on the net and elsewhere, for after all, I only have so much time between being married, working, and writing my blogs, I felt that it was about time to start reading a daily chapter of the Bible, beginning with the holiday of Shavuot when we received the Torah, right from Chapter 1 of Bereishit/Genesis. I launched this on Shavuot night when I read aloud the first chapter of the Bible - which deals with the six days of creation - at the conclusion of the holiday meal in front of my wife Yael.

Now, for those who may consider themselves B'nei Torah, living a more observant Jewish life as reflected from learning in Yeshiva as opposed to college for some, this may sound very non-Jewish. After all, at least with the Chumash, we have it divided according to Parshiyot which we learn in its entirety every year. The system of chapters in the Bible as we see them today in fact did not take place for another over 500 years until 1524-5 when Daniel Bomberg, a non-Jew, divided the Bible accordingly with the recent invention of the printing press (NOTE: The number one printed book in history is the Bible (particularly the Old Testament part of it as Jews don't read the New Testament) - and by the way, NOT the Koran). While his division of the chapters of the Bible do not reflect the Masoretic division as Parshiyot, there are some amazing hints to Torah concepts which are hinted by the number of the chapter and/or verse as I have demonstrated in past blogs. After all, Hashgacha Pratit/Divine Providence is in every step of the way in the actions of this
world, especially the Bible, the number one printed book in world history. And by the way, the famous Daf Yomi, the daily learning of the double sided page of the Talmud, is printed the way that it was originally set up - by a non-Jew!

But don't worry, there are only 187 chapters in the Chumash, so in half a year's time, I will have read the entire English translation of it - something that I normally do not do when I read and learn the weekly Parsha in Hebrew. And perhaps reading it like this, I will come up at times with another perspective or question on what I am reading. And then there are 742 chapters of the rest of the Tanach, also known as Nach - Nevi'im/Prophets & Ketuvim/Writings; hence, a total of 929 chapters, of which the daily learning of a chapter a day can be finished within three years. And while there are in fact more than one daily schedules of a chapter of Tanach, or at least the Nach part of it, I found it most significant to begin learning a daily chapter of Tanach on the 1,000th anniversary of the fully annotated Tanach, launching this on the day that we received the Torah, right from Genesis Chapter 1.

Indeed, Rashi points out that the very first word of the Torah - Bereishit - can be read to mean Bishvil Torah, "FOR THE SAKE OF THE TORAH, G-d created the heavens and the earth". And as the very last Rashi on this first chapter notes, among the reasons that unlike the other days of the week when it says "One Day, Second Day, etc", for the sixth day, it says "THE sixth day", because it hints to THE sixth day of Sivan which was the date that was slated for the Jews in the future nearly 2,450 years later to receive the Torah, and it was considered only at the time that the Torah was given that the world was only created then, because had the Jews not accepted the Torah, the world would have returned to its original state of being "void and empty". (Note: Based on the discussion in the Talmud about the date of Matan Torah/Giving of the Torah, it seems that in fact that it happened on the
7th of Sivan, on Shabbat, because Moses asked Hashem to allow one more day for the Jews to prepare for this momentous occasion. Perhaps this is what it means when Rashi says here about Yom HaShishi "THE sixth day" "which was PREPARED for Matan Torah" but in fact was another PREPARATION day for the Jews to be totally sanctified and purified to receive the Torah under the right circumstances).

Speaking of the chapters and verses being divided through Divine Providence, perhaps even the non-Jewish year of when the first complete Tanach was finished written - Year 1010 - could have significance here. You see, our rabbis tell us that there is in fact a parallel between the 10 Statements through which the world was created, of which the word Bereishit is considered the first of these 10 Statements, and the 10 Commandments which actually in Hebrew - Aseret HaDibrot - means the 10 Statements! And as per the previous paragraph, the world which was created by G-d's 10 Statements existed only because of the Jews in the future who received the Torah, of which the foundation Mitzvot of it - The 10 Commandments - was given on Shavuot. And by the way, the non-Jewish/Christian year, while based on when Jesus was born, in fact seems to have been in error in regard to this fact, as you will see in encyclopedias placing his birth at 4 B.C. or 6 B.C., but by the time that the Christians realized their mistake, it was a bit too late to change the number of the year. Indeed, true Divine Providence here!

Another concept as related to 10-10 is how you will see Hashem's name written in some sources, as two letter Yuds - as the letter Yud is the Gematria of 10 - written next to each other. As a Chasidic Rebbe pointed out, it is only when two Yuds - as two Yidden (Jews) who are next to each other in friendship - are next to each other horizontally - that Hashem's name is considered holy. Indeed, as Rashi notes on the Jews arrival at Mt. Sinai when the Torah says Vayichan Sham Yisrael - The Jews encamped there, the word Vayichan being in the singular, as they came "as one man, with one heart". Indeed, there is a statement in the Zohar that states which today is a song, Yisrael V'Oraita V'Kudsha Brich Hu Chad Hu "The Jews, the Torah & the Holy One Blessed Be He are One". While indeed Hashem is only One G-d, this statement is speaking of the great union and unity that there is between G-d who gave the Torah to the Jews, as a man who gives a marriage contract to his wife-to-be.

Now, as Hashem's main name begins with a Yud, the Jews' name Yisrael begins with a Yud, and the Torah's foundation principles are the Ten Commandments as the letter Yud is the Gematria of 10, when you multiply these three tens - 10*10*10 - it equals, presto! ONE THOUSAND!

And speaking of the name Yisrael which is the very last word of the Chumash, and as Rashi also notes on Yom HaShishi, the letter Hei of HaShishi - THE - is the Gematria of five, as there are five books to the Chumash that the Jews received on the "6th day of Sivan", there is a most famed rabbi whose name was also Yisroel who passed away 250 years ago on this very date of the 6th of Sivan - the Ba'al Shem Tov (literally, "Owner of a good name")! As founder of the Chasidic movement that forever changed the character of the Jewish people, he instilled hope in so many Jews who were devastated by the Anti-Semitic exile and attacks in Europe. And lo and behold - his name and title "Yisroel Ba'al Shem Tov" is the exact Gematria of 1,000! Indeed, a most special time to begin reading a daily chapter of the Tanach, marking 1000 years from when it was first completely written out with Nekudot/vowels and Te'amim/cantillation notes, just like the Ba'al Shem Tov who introduced Torah to Jews as Nekudot/points - pointers highlighting the positive side of Judaism, and as Te'amim/tastes - bringing out the good taste of Judaism.

Speaking of the LAST word of the Torah/Chumash and the name of the Ba'al Shem Tov who passed away on Shavuot, the anniversary of the giving of the Torah, adding the numbers of the Gematria of the name Yisrael - 541, and 70 - the number of the Tikkunim of Rashbi based on the FIRST word of the Torah, the total is 611, which is the Gematria of the word TORAH!

And while I am at it, I would like to point out to a website that is dedicated to the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov - www.baalshemtov.com or www.baalshemtov.org. Enjoy.

I am reminded of a Midrash that notes on the words as found both in Psalms and Chronicles, Davar Tziva L'Eleph Dor "It (the Torah) is a thing that Hashem commanded to the 1000th generation" that there were 974 generations before the world was created, and then Hashem gave the Torah to the 26th generation (that is, Moses who taught the Torah to the Jews was the 26th generation in parental descent from Adam), since this world's existance (NOTE: There is much discussion in Kabbala about worlds being created and destroyed in reference to the above 974 generations, but this is beyond the scope of this post). And being that this Shavuot marked the 250th Yarhzeit of the Ba'al Shem Tov, the number 250 is the Gematria of the word Ner/Candle, as it says in Mishlei/Proverbs, Ner Mitzva V'Torah Ohr "The Commandment is the candle, and the Torah is the light". And it was on Shavuot that the Ten Commandments as representative of the 613 Mitzvot/Commandments that are compared to a
Ner/Candle, was given on Shavuot.

Speaking of which, I have a set of Chasidic commentary on the Chumash called Peninei HaTorah, of which the very first thing is what the letters of the word Bereishit can spell as the first words of a phrase, quoting a Sefer called Igra D'Kalla - Ohr Torat Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem "Light of the Torah of Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem"! By the way, along the lines, it can also be said for the letters of Bereishit to also begin the words that spell - Ohr Torat Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai "Light of the Torah of Rabbi Shimon son of Yochai" as indeed, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) composed 70 explanations on the word Bereishit!

By the way, as I began this post speaking about Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and his connection with Rashbi, I should note that he was the great grandson of the Ba'al Shem Tov. And as this Shavuot marked 250 years from the passing of the Ba'al Shem Tov, the Hebrew number for 250 is Reish Noon, which can also spell the beginning letters of the words Rabbeinu Nachman, as Breslover followers of Rabbi Nachman refer to as such. Indeed, of all the Chasidic movements, it is Breslov that most closely resembles the original intent of the Ba'al Shem Tov in founding the Chasidic movement. For example, it is a big Mitzva for a Jew to always be happy - especially in serving Hashem, never giving up hope, and reaching out to Jews regardless of their spiritual level without a judgmental attitude.


It seems that the world began with and will end spiritual and physical world suffering with the number seventy. Just note the connection of 70 throughout the period of history.

As Shavuot is the holiday of the giving of the Torah, it should be noted that Moses explained the Torah in SEVENTY languages (besides Hebrew). That way, should a Jew ever get lost in exile, he could always refer to the Torah to keep oneself afloat.
And as I mentioned earlier, the first complete Tanach with vowels and cantillation notes was finished being written in 4770, the year ending with the number 70 (SEVENTY)!

There are numerous references in the Zohar to the number 70, as especially related to the Torah, including the piece of Zohar learned in the Tikkun Leil Shavuot, a compilation of Torah learning for Shavuot night, which mentions 70 crowns of the Torah. Without going through an exhaustive list, the most notable one of them is the fact that Rashbi composed 70 explanations on Bereishit - the first word of the Torah. And in Tikkun 70, the last of the 70 Tikkunim of the Tikkunei Zohar, it mentions about rabbis learning on Shavuot night, and towards the very end, it mentions about Adam giving 70 years of his life to King David - who was born and passed away on Shavuot, as I wrote earlier in this post.

As the Talmud notes, Hashem sends the cure before the blow. The Torah is the ultimate spiritual, and quite often - also a physical, cure of what bad things, G-d forbid, happen to us. Note how the number 70 comes up in every exile of the Jewish people.

To begin with, Abraham, at the age of SEVENTY, had a vision in which Hashem appeared to him, relating to him the future bad news of Jews being in exile. The first exile of the Jews beginning their descent to Egypt as a family of 70 people (besides their wives) would last for 210 years, a multiple of SEVENTY: 210=70*3, until the Exodus. Then, the Jews were exiled to Babylonia upon the destruction of the First Temple for a period of SEVENTY years. The destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans took place in 3828, which is the non-Jewish year 68. How interestingly, the non-Jews insist to this day that this took place in the year 70 (SEVENTY)! After all, there are - at least as of a few hundred years after Noah's children had families following their year in Noah's Ark - 70 nations of the world. And at the end of our exile, at the turn of the coming of Moshiach which is just about to happen - Gog U'Magog - whose Gematria is SEVENTY - will be fighting us. As I mentioned in my previous post how Obama who is shown to be Gog in the Hidden Codes of the Torah, he is going to rouse ALL the nations of the world to fight Israel. And this year, which began the final phase of Chevlei Moshiach/Birthpangs of the Messiah, which I proved through the Hidden Codes of the Torah which happened on the last day of Succot
of this year 5770 when Obama was nominated for the Nobel "peace" prize, now giving him the green light to tell the world to fight Israel, and this Hebrew year ends with the number 70 (SEVENTY)! And as exile represents suffering to the Jewish people, King David's SEVENTY years was full of suffering. Hence, it is no wonder why Jews of all walks of life feel a connection to King David's Book of Psalms.

Unlike most of the 70 members of Jacob's family who descended to Egypt were men (besides their wives), the only two women included in this count of 70 was Serach Bat Asher, who knew the secret code of the one (Moses) who would declare the redemption of the Jews from Egypt and also knew the whereabouts of Joseph's grave which would otherwise hold the Jews back from leaving Egypt due to an oath Joseph's family made to take Joseph's bones from Egypt; and Yocheved who was literally the SEVENTIETH person as she was born just as they were entering the environs of Egypt. It's interesting to note that Rabbi Akiva, in a lecture to his students, referred to Yocheved as the mother of 600,000 people, being that her son Moses was the leader of the Jews who consisted of 600,000 men from the age of 20 at the time of the Exodus. And in connection to this, the letters of the word Yisrael begin the phrase Yesh Shishim Ribo Otiyot LaTorah - "There are 60 myriads (600,000) of letters in the Torah". While there are in fact only 304,805 letters in the Sefer Torah/Chumash, without getting into details of this discrepancy which is beyond the scope of this post, the point is that each Jew has a share in the Torah, regardless of his level of Torah knowledge.

Indeed, the number 70 is related to Hashem, the Jews, the Torah, & Jerusalem. As mentioned in Midrash Zuta on Shir HaShirim, each one of these has SEVENTY names!


As it is now 7:00 PM, the last hour of the SEVENTH and final day of the Shivat Y'mei Tashlumin as I mentioned earlier in this post, I would like to conclude on good notes here.

First, on this day of 12 Sivan, I learned Genesis Chapter 7. The beginning of this chapter relates that G-d told Noah to invite SEVEN pairs of pure animals into the Ark. Now, as we know as Jews, pure animals means kosher animals. But, if Noah wasn't Jewish, then how did he know? Rashi tells us that we learn from here that Noah learned Torah. Yes, Noah learned his Bible, and instead of shutting it due to prejudices like some Christians who shut their Bibles when they don't want to see Jews "settling" the land disallowing "Palestinian" terrorists from living there, learned how to live a good godly life which saved himself and his immediate family from perishing in the Flood. Anyways, the concluding verse of this Chapter is "The waters (of the Flood) remained over the earth for 150 days." To note, there are 150 Chapters in the Book of Psalms composed by King David.

While the BIG Aleph in Adam's name, the first word of the 24th and final book of the Tanach signifies the shortened life that he was given following eating of the forbidden fruit, the first letter of The Ten Commandments is the first letter of the Aleph Beit - Aleph, beginning the word Anochi - "I am Hashem your G-d".

And speaking of the number 24, today is the 24th day from Lag Ba'Omer - 18 Iyar, Yahrzeit of Rashbi. (Accordingly, Shavuot - 6 Sivan, the Yahrzeit of the Ba'al Shem Tov, is the 18th day from 18 Iyar - the Yahrzeit of Rashbi.) Hence, as per what I wrote at the beginning of this post, today I learned the 24th Daf of the Tikkunei Zohar. Right from the start, "...your composition (the Zohar) WHEN (KAD - Aramaic for when and also spells the number 24) it will be revealed to this world in the last generation at the end of days, of which it says "You shall declare freedom in the land..." (Leviticus 25:10). Elijah (the prophet) opened his discourse saying "WHEN (KAD) the Sabbath and Holidays are over, and Jews are under the rule of Samael (Satan) & the SEVENTY nations, oppressing the Jews..." which about concludes Tikkun Number SIX.

Now, there are 24 periods of 250 years that total the 6,000 years of this world's existance. Now, the Hebrew year 5750/5751 which marked the beginning of the 24th period of 250 years, the beginning of the conclusion of the SIXTH Millenium, marked the fall of Communism which allowed millions of Jews to be FREE to leave Russia for Israel and the United States, as well as freedom of religion within that country, allowing many Jews to become observant Jews, indeed "You shall declare FREEDOM in the land". According to Kabbalists, this marked the beginning of the period of Kibbutz Galuyot, the ingathering of the exiles that we mention in our daily prayers.
But also, we Jews will be oppressed at the very end of our exile as predicted by the Zohar here - by the 44th president of the United States, and as the 44th word of the Torah is V'LaChoshech "For the darkness", this word is the same Gematria as HaSatan -364, and the word SATAN is mentioned in Obama's subliminal messages when recordings of his such as "Yes, I can" is played in reverse, as I wrote about in my 44th Post -
"Messages in REVERESE Wording" (Sep 2009), as well as playing the role of Gog as in Gog U'Magog, the Gematria of SEVENTY. How chilling!

Then, in the beginning of Tikkun Number SEVEN, it states, "Woe is to Samael (Satan), WHEN (KAD) Hashem will redeem the Divine Presence and the Jews, and will exact revenge from the SEVENTY nations who oppressed the Jews in exile, and will show them the reward they would have had had they honored the Jews instead".

Now, the name of the holiday of Shavuot literally means WEEKS, and is cognate of the word Sheva or Shiva, which means SEVEN. And as this holiday is sometimes called Chag HaShavuot, the word HaShavuot includes the letters of this Hebrew year 5770 - Hei Tav Shin Ayin, which is the holiday of the birthday and passing of King David. Accordingly, Hoshanot - the word for the ritual on Succot of taking the Arba Minim/Four Species and circling the podium on which the Sefer Torah is read, also includes the letters of this Hebrew year, and it is on the SEVENTH and last day of Succot on which we especially honor the Ushpizin/Heavenly Guest of King David in our Succah, that we encircle the podium SEVEN times, unlike the first six days of Succot when we do so only once each day. And as we know, Moshiach will be a descendant of King David. And as I mentioned earlier about 24 period of 250 years each, the 250th Yarhzeit of the Ba'al Shem Tov was this Shavuot 5770. Hence, let's hope that this is truly the year of our redemption!

These last 1,000 years since the first complete Tanach was finished being written, known as the Codex, while the Jews went through much suffering in exile, this Tanach made it a little easier for the Jewish nation, knowing that despite everything we have gone through, Hashem doesn't forget us, and not only we haven't vanished or lost the Torah writings of the past like the lost civilizations of the vast might empires of ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, and Rome, we have more written Torah, more Jewish holy books, than ever in history! Even the Holocaust couldn't keep us down from continuing Jewish life in all remote parts of the world. Yes, the Hebrews - whose Hebrew word begins with the letter Ayin whose Gematria is SEVENTY, are well and alive, and despite the rule of the very end of the exile as predicted in the Pirkei D'Rabbi Eliezer, of the Aravim/Arabs, whose letter also begins with an Ayin=SEVENTY, in a world whose world leader is Obama, a Muslim Arab. But Hashem will soon show him, as mentioned in the Tanach, that Hashem is the KING of the world,
as written throughout the Tanach that has been complete with vowels and cantillation notes IN THE LAST MILLENIUM, in this past 1,000 years.

Actually, the ultimate country with world power among today's nations is Rome with its rule and the world's rule by the Vatican. While references of Rome as in the Zohar has been pointed out in its predictions of world events do indeed refer to the United States, today's Rome; in fact, Rome itself to this day is the center of spiritual contamination and theft of Jewish books and items from the Holy Temple, which is controlled by the Vatican. While it is ironic how the Romans who burned our last Temple and exiled Jews, also hated and persecuted the early Christians, Rome in time became the hotbed and headquarters of the Christian world, especially of the Catholic sect which is the particular sect that clearly idol worships Jesus in contrast to other Christian groups. The Vatican refuses to release our Jewish items, even as it had a part in torturing and murdering Jews in the Holocaust, despite claims of the previous Pope being a friend of the Jews from day one. May it be G-d's will that shortly, this evil force will vanish from the face of this earth, and we Jews will once again have full and total possession of all our Torah writings and Holy Temple items.

Yes, the Romans indeed exiled us in what is called the year 70, as they attempted to destroy the Torah that is represented by the number 70, but shortly after this, Rashbi revealed secrets of the Torah, of which the holiest secrets were the 70 Tikkunim, the 70 rectifications of the Torah which have been ultimately the greatest spiritual force to keep us in existance in our bitter exile of nearly 2,000 years.
As King David, the 33rd generation in parental descent of Adam, composed the Book of Psalms that have accompanied the Jews throughout their long and bitter exile; Rashbi who passed away on Lag BaOmer - the 33rd day of the Omer, composed the Zohar of which it says in its commentary on Parshat Naso, the Parsha of the week in which Shavuot falls out on, (Zohar Volume 3, Page 124) that it is this book through which we will leave the exile in Hashem's mercy for us. And as Moshiach told the Ba'al Shem Tov (also known as the Besht), he will arrive once the Besht's teachings, based on Kabbala, but brought down closer to a person's understading, are spread out in the public.

As a Torah trivia, the MIDDLE letter of the MIDDLE verse of the MIDDLE chapter of the Chumash - Leviticus 4:18 - is the letter AYIN (in the word Moed) - which is the Gematria of SEVENTY. And the MIDDLE letter of the word SEVENTY in Hebrew - Shiv'im, or in Aramaic - Shav'in, is the letter AYIN, and the last three letters of this word in Aramaic spells the word Ayin, which means EYE. Yes, the word EYE is pronounced the same way as the word "I - am the L-rd your G-d..." of the Ten Commandments given on Shavuot, of which the MIDDLE or one of the MIDDLE letters is the letter Ayin.

And on a personal note, both the MIDDLE letter of my name Shimon and my wife's name Yael, is the letter Ayin. And as today is the 41st day of my 41st year, it would be most noteworthy to mention today that the section of the Torah called Bircat Cohanim/Blessing of the Priests (Numbers 6:22-27), read in Parshat Naso during which Shavuot falls out on (is at the end of the 4th Aliyah which was learned by many on this Shavuot as it fell out on the 4th day of the week - learning an Aliyah per day)also recited as the very first Torah following the daily Birchot HaTorah/Blessings for Learning Torah (except for Nusach Ashkenaz which includes only the actual verses of the blessing), consists of exactly 150 letters - corresponding to the 150 Psalms compiled by King David who was born and passed away on Shavuot, and 41 words. Accordingly, the last Parsha of the Torah - V'Zot HaBeracha, consists of 41 verses which concludes with the word Yisroel, also the name of the Ba'al Shem Tov who passed away on Shavuot. And indeed, the word BLOG in Hebrew - using the letters Beit, Lamed, Vav, Gimmel - is the Gematria of 41. And I am writing this at the conclusion of my SEVENTIETH Post of www.gematriot.blogspot.com, bearing in mind that my namesake Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai composed SEVENTY Tikkunim, the last of which mentions rabbis learning on the night of Shavuot. What timing!

Before closing, mentioning that today is the 41st day of my 41st year, which is in the 496th month of my life bearing in mind that Malchut is the Gematria of 496, and it was the 49th and last day of the Sephira corresponding to the Sephirah combination
of Malchut She'B'Malchut falling out on my 496th month, I should note that when you multiply 41*41, the total is 1681. Now, breaking down this four digit number a bit, the square root of 1,600 is 40, and the square root of the number 81 is nine. Hence, adding the square roots together - 40 & 9 - to be 49, the number representing the final day of the Sephirah, preparing the Jewish people to accept the Malchut/Kingship of Hashem before giving us the Torah - Malchut She'B'Malchut, just as the number 41 that started this chain number reaction corresponds to the day of the Sephirah - the 41st day of the Sephirah - that represents Yesod She'B'Yesod - Foundation that is within Foundation.

And now that I have concluded my (first) 70 Tikkunim (G-d willing, I will continue blogging though), I want to say that when you type the word "Gematriot" on Google, this blogspot - www.gematriot.blogspot.com - is the NUMBER ONE spot out of 5,900 entries! Yes, my blogspot is the KING of Gematriot websites. But don't take my word for it, just go straight to www.google.com and see for yourself.

G-d willing, hope to post early next week about the biggest group of Jews who uphold the laws of the Torah, called the...

12 Sivan 5770 - End of the Shivat Y'mei Tashlumin - 41st day of my 41st year


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This is all way beyond my level of knowing and understanding.
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What about the 70-ties in this?http://seventytwonames.blogspot.com/2010/05/seventy-days-from-lag-bomer.html
It seems to be more or less about the same thing, or not?

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