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#4 - Galut Of Yishmael

That's right, the ultimate G.O.Y. - Galut of Yishmael. We are in the last phase of Galut-exile, which is particularly is known as Galut Edom as it started when Rome destroyed our Beit HaMikdash, the nation that is referred to in T'Nach as Edom in the prophesies. In a future post with Hashem's help, we will see how the United States is today's Edom, especially thru Gematria. But today, we will focus on the final phase of this Galut which is Galut Yishmael. It is the Arabic race, like it or not, who is controlling the world today, including the United States, and we need to face the facts here.


Unlike in our last post where we talked about the Jewish year 2000 when Avraham Avinu in this week's Parsha took to the scene and spread the belief in one G-d throughout the world, today we will be talking about the Christian year 2000. And in case anyone is wondering what does THIS have to do significantly with Gematria, what you are about to see will show you that Hashem created two sides of the coin - the good side which we talked about in our last post.

Without further introduction, we mentioned last week how the very first letter in the Torah - Beit - is spelled unusually large in the Sefer Torah, and we mentioned how this signifies the number 2000. We mentioned how the 1st 2000 years of the world's existance was a period of Tohu & Bohu - complete emptiness in the spiritual sense. Yes, in the 2nd Posuk it says that the world was in a state of Tohu & Bohu - in the physical sense as the world was yet to be created (there are other meanings of Tohu & Bohu, but today we are sticking to the meaning we want to point out here) and "there was darkness on the face of the deep" Deep in Hebrew is Tehom. In certain contexts, it refers to Gehinnom-hell. But Tehom has very unfortunately been proven to be a living hell - literally. You see, Tehom & Yishmael - name of the Arabic race, have the same Gematria of 451. And indeed, in the year 2000 right before Rosh Hashana, a new wave of intifada began in Israel. Now mind you, it was the Moslem Arabs behind the intifada, so what significance is the year 2000 to them if they trace their years after Mohammed? You see, while the Islam religion does not recognize Yeshu as a god or messiah, they do recognize him as one of the prophets, so as far as they are concerned, the Christian year 2000 serves their purpose well as long as they can terrorize the ultimate infidels - the Jews.


Let's fast forward to Parshat Bo - the Torah portion that tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt, from which the Book of Exodus gets it name. But before the big exodus, we see that the last three plagues that hit the Egyptians took place - locusts, darkness, and smiting dead the firstborn. Sounds a bit like 9/11. In fact, it has been said that the name of the Parsha in which this takes place - Bo - is the Gematria of 3, alluding to these final plagues, after which the Jews left Egypt. But the word Bo can be read another way to be another Gematria. As we mentioned in our last post, sometimes when putting a letter in front of other letters to spell a number as in a Jewish year, the number becomes a unit of thousand. So with this word - Bo - when the first letter is Beit - in front of the Alef, Beit can have a numerical value of 2000 instead of the usual number 2, and the Alef is 1 = 2001! Indeed, there was much Debris filling the sky like locusts, Darkness & Death. Today's Kabbalists have confirmed that the 9/11/2001 event is the beginning of the period of Acharit HaYamim - the "end of days" as the prophets spoke about referring to such events right before our upcoming Redemption. While we weren't redeemed or taken out of exile in that year of 2001, this horrible event followed by the United States fighting Afghanistan which was the start of the Gog U'Magog which began on Hoshana Rabba, last day of Succot, on which the Vilna Gaon said that this war will begin on this day, are the events that will lead to our final Redemption which is compared to the Exodus.

Now, who was responsible for this intifada on the United States? Well, in this Parshat Bo, when Hashem tells Moshe about the last plague that He planned to bring on Egypt, He tells him "Lo Yishma Aleichem Par'oh" - "Pharaoh will not listen to you" (Exodus 11:9 - the same numbers in 9/11!) the word Yishmael - the Arabic race, can be spelled among these words Yishma Aleichem. Now don't forget- Yishmael was the son of an Egyptian princess, thus related to the Egyptian royalty. Then in the very next verse, it says "U'Moshe V'Aharon Asu" - "Moshe & Aharon did all the wonders in front of Pharaoh" the latter who wasn't impressed. The word for did - Asu - is spelled the same way as the name Esau who represents Edom which is today's United States. In the very last verse in Parshat Toldot, Esau comes to Yishmael his uncle to marry his daughter. More on this next time.


In one sentence - the fiasco of Gush Katif which was REWARDED to the Arabs. Yes, it was a reward to these Arabs for the terrorism they had been performing for the most part over four years since the intifada of the year 2000. But it was also a reward in another sense - I believe the last major land reward the Arabs will ever have before our Redemption comes. And I'll prove it to you from this week's Parsha Lech Lecha.

Let's say first of all that the name of the Arabic race Yishmael actually has a good connotation - at least for the Arabs "G-d will listen". Now, if we Jews do the right thing, nothing can harm us. But as history has proven until today, when Jews are afraid to do the right thing, and are looking for world sympathy, then the G.O.Y. has the upper hand. Especially, when Yishmael whose whole connotation means "G-d will listen" is the basis for their prayers to G-d. They can call him Allah, or whatever name they like, but G-d DOES listen to prayers, and that depends on who is the more sincere one.

With this being said, let's turn straight to this week's Torah reading where Yishmael himself, as Avraham's son, willingly goes through the circumcision that Hashem orders him to have. He was 13 years old at the time - not the 8 day old baby who has no say in the matter - "Ben Shlosh Esreh Shana B'Himolo" (Genesis 17:25) Take a close look at the lettering here - start with the Hei in the word Esreh - then Shana B'H. This can be read as The Year 2005! The Beit in front of the Hei can connote the numerical value of 2000 and then the Hei is 5. My friends, this is the ONLY time in the ENTIRE T'nach-Bible where it spells this out! It is true that also in the previous verse where it mentions his father Avraham having his circumcision that it also spells Year 2005, but without the Hei-The before it.

As also in this Parsha, right from the start, Hashem told Avraham to make Aliya. But there is another incident that in fact took place five years earlier that is mentioned later on in this Parsha. It is called the Brit Bein HaBetarim - "Covenant Between the Parts". It is in this Parsha that the Land of Israel is called Brit (Genesis 15:18), just like the holy rite of circumcision on a Jewish boy which is also called a Brit, where it defines its borders "From the Egyptian River (the Nile) until the Great Euphrates River". Thus, the Israeli government, police and soldiers who gave away to the Arabs a nice portion of this G-d given land to us by throwing out some 9,000 Jews was nothing short of spitting on Hashem having absolutely no appreciation of what Hashem has done for us, especially after all the miracles we experienced in recent times when many millions of Arabs attacked us overnight, but with our relatively small army in Israel defeated them in the end acquiring more land over time as a result. I highly suggest to everyone to check out this link, especially about the section on Pesach Geula-Redemption where this subject is dealt with right to the nail.

What's next? The president of the United States who is predicted to be Gog of the final war as predicted in the Bible? Unless anything changes, we will be having a special edition blog about who could be Hashem's ultimate rebel child & darkness- the Kenya-born & Indonesian citizen- who will G-d forbid be appointed to a post which is forbidden to him according to the Constitution of the United States. Also, what does he and Yishmael the son of Avraham have in common? And most importantly - what Jews outside of Israel - especially in the United States - need to start doing immediately!

5 Cheshvan, 5769

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