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Chazal - the Rabbis of the Mishnaic & Talmudic times - tell us that Ma'aseh Avot Siman L'Banim - what our forefathers/ancestors when thru is a sign for their descendants. Perhaps the ultimate fulfillment of this is Obama being elected by the United States at large to be their new leader. There are many crucial things to mention about Obama here - and so not to be bored out or if it would make it easier for the reader - I will divide this in a few parts so you can read this at your leisure without missing part of the piece. Some of what I will have here is what I E-mailed to friends on Hoshana Rabba as a timely piece as you will see when you read on. Some of the information you will see here is based on radio shows hosted by two American guys - Joel Gallis & Dr. Robert Wolf - at These guys predicted Obama's rise to presidency at a time when he was just starting to become well known among several other candidates for the Democratic Party. These shows, called "Light out of Darkness", quoting sources throughout the T'Nach, Talmud, Midrash, and Zohar, as well as quoting Kabbalists of recent times and today, mention findings in the Hidden Codes & Gematriot pertaining to what is happening in the "End
of Days" and how we can save ourselves in these turbulent times.


Obama & Yishmael have something very much in common, and while it may seem to be a mute point - everything has a reason to it. Both are interracial - the only difference is on what side of their parents that they are black. Yes, Avraham married an Egyptian princess, from which union Yishmael was born, and the last I learned about the ancient Egyptians is that they were black. Now note the Posuk I mentioned in my last blog - "V'Choshech Al P'nei Tehom" - In the beginning of creation, there was DARKNESS ON THE FACE of the deep. The word Tehom - deep is the Gematria of Yishmael (451). Yes, physical darkness & spiritual darkness.

Everything that happens in world history is a display of Hashem's Divine Providence - Hashgacha Pratis. And indeed, Election Day that determined the United States's first black president (called as such in the media even though he is only half-black) who is also an Muslim Arab (too bad if some liberal Democratic Jews disagree with this - I apologize to no one) fell out on this week of Parshat Lech Lecha - the beginning of which Hashem tells Avraham Avinu to make Aliyah. Yes, Hashem could not be more direct to us - the Torah is a guide of life, and we are supposed to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers & foremothers who followed Hashem's ways. In the midst of this Parsha of Avraham's son Yishmael 's birth, an angel told Yishmael's mother Hagar - "You will give birth to a son, and name him Yishmael for Hashem has heard your affiliction. He will be a wild-ass man, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and over all his brothers he will dwell". These verses are primarily referring to Yishmael's descendants who have been ruling the world with their oil, terrorism, and other results of their beliefs, especially of the Muslim Arabs (some are Christian Arabs who at one time also oppressed Jews), and now it will Chas V'Shalom be a half-black (like Yishmael) Muslim Arab who will be the leader of the world leading country which has been relying largely if not mostly on Arab oil, as opposed to its own. So BEFORE Obama (almost left it accidentally as Osama) takes power - follow what it says IN THE BEGINNING of the Parsha, and start your journey HOME. For those who are worried about making a living - feel free to ask me for advice, as I have already lived in Israel for almost four years. At least in Hashem's Holy Land, we have guaranteed Parnassa, which usually can mean a job, but one who trusts in Hashem gets his daily food, and somehow manages to get by; but in the United States's falling economy, it will NOT get better- it will keep falling apart because this is now the End of Days (again, check out and Hashem does everything in this world for the sake of Jews and so our high-rise jobs in the U.S.A. - as the high-rise Twin Towers - will soon be falling apart - it is just a matter of time.

And for those in the future who are reading my blogspot here out of curiosity and feel that I am being racist - I will make something very clear. It's not about Obama being black per se that is the problem - it's that he is a Moslem Arab on his father side, about which he totally denies when he claims that he was "diagnostic", and Obama years back was at pro-Palestinian fund raising events. When he spoke months earlier about the rights of Israel to garner Jewish votes - the "moderate" Mohammed Abbas felt this was too much for him and he complained about it. The next thing you know - Obama changes his tone about his original statement, and the liberal Demoratic Jews conveniently totally ignored this part, pretending that he is a lover of Jews & Israel. As far as blacks are concerned - the Midrash tells us that Moshe was given 10 different names by 10 different sources (Tuvia & Avigdor are among these names) but it was an Egyptian princess named Batya who eventually became a Righteous Convert -as opposed to her evil father Paraoh - who named Baby Moses with the name Moshe that stuck as his name for eternity. Yes, it was a black lady who had this most unique merit! Now tell me - who are the real racists here?


When saying the Hoshanos this morning (when I wrote this on Hoshana Rabba sending this to a few friends) using the Yesod Malchus Siddur which has a Hebrew translation of the original text, especially helpful for the poetic phrases in the Hoshanos, I noticed in the phrase "Duma BeTat'ach" that Duma, in the normal context refering to the Mal'ach (angel) with this name who is known as the Sar HaMeisim (overseer of the dead), in the Hoshanos context, is translated as Edom - "remove and destroy Edom". Very interesting. You see, Duma (55) is the same Gematria as Obama (Alef,Vov,Beis,Alef,Mem,Hei), looking to be the leader of Edom - the U.S.A. (The United States includes the 50 States & Washington D.C., totaling 51 states, corresponding to the numerical value of Edom!) Also, the word in Hebrew for Edomite is Adomi, which is also the Gematria of 51 (See Deutronomy 23:8)!

When did Obama's career started taking off, or "politically born"? Well, on July 27, 2004 when he was hardly known to the American public when he was running as a candidate for the Illinois Senate, he made a speech (which was half buttered up - I read his whole speech online) about his personal life growing up in the United States and asking the American public to vote for then U.S. Democratic candidate John Kerry. Lo and behold - one look at the Hebrew date will send chills up the spine - Tisha B'Av! Boruch Hashem, the Refuah (cure) is sent before the Makka (punishment/blow), because it says in the Gemara that Moshiach was born on the day the Beis HaMikdosh was destroyed on Tisha B'Av (this is in a spiritual sense that the potential of Moshiach coming started on that very day, but it can also mean in the literal sense that Moshiach who will come shortly was born on Tisha B'Av).

As we know, the Jewish nation has been through four exiles - the last one being Golus Edom beginning with the Romans destroying the Beis HaMikdash which began on Tisha B'Av. Pirkei D'Rabbi Eliezer tells us that the last phase of Golus which be the Golus of Yishmael (Arabs/Moslems)- the end of Golus Edom. Now with this being said, Yishmaelim (plural of Yishmael) and Obama (an Arab Moslem on his father's side who is treated as a Moslem by the paternal side)'s full name both have the same Gematria of 501. Now, multiply 501 by four (corresponding to the fourth & final Golus) and behold - 501x4=2004. 2004 is the year that Obama was politically born on Tisha B'Av! Note that the calendar year that the world goes by is all based on when Yashu - who started Christianity which is represented by Edom (Rome & now by today's world power the U.S.A.) - was born. (While the Islam religion doesn't recognize Yeshu at a god or Messiah, he is acknowledged as a prophet)

If the above was not enough, now let's take the words Yishmael & Edom (U.S.A.) and combine them to equal the numerical value of 502 (451+51). Now, multiply this number by four (corresponding to hte fourth & final Golus) and behold - 502x4=2008. Do we need to say more than Obama 2008? Well, there is one thing to show the Remez to this in the Torah. The last Posuk in Parshas Toldos is perhaps the ultimate prophecy of this - "Esav went to Yishmael (his uncle) and he married his daughter Machalas ..." What this implies is that Esav/Edom i.e. the United States at large chose a Moslem Arab to be their new Nasi/Nazi - thus the fusion of Edom & Yishmael.

Aren't these hints telling us that we indeed are at the very end of Golus? But how is everything going to unfold? Do we want to stay under the sway of the Sar HaMeisim (overseer of the dead) i.e. Obama, Lo Aleinu? Do we want to remain in a country who will be under the rule of this Gog of Eretz HaMagog, Nasi (Nazi) Rosh (Rosh=Barack Hussein Obama=501) as per Yechezkel 38:2 (in PART THREE) ? Do we want to remain in a country which has some 600 "work camps" which are all ready to house millions of new prisoners (I think this is the Rex 84)? (Check out for what is in store Chas V'Shalom for Jews in the United States) Do we want to be under U.S.A., Leader Number 44=Blood=DOMinating the United States with his Moslem beliefs? True, the prophet Yechezkel is predicting Gog coming with the nations of the world to attack Israel. But Yechezkel also promises that Hashem will in no time strike back at them, leaving Israel to be the safest place in the world (if this is not enough for some, refer to Yoel Chapter 3, especially verse 5).

And in case anyone thinks that the United States government is still going to uphold the Constitution which promises rights & freedom of religion, let me make a couple of points here. First of all, both Germany and Russia had constitutions promising religious rights and freedom, but we all know what happened later in history. But perhaps even more importantly, the United States is about to violate a major point in the Constitution - and unless someone in the government works quickly on this - it will be the beginning of the breakdown of the Constitution; and as we know, Aveira Goreret Aveira (one sin leads to another sin- Pirkei Avot 4:2)

It is the following. According to the Constitution - only a naturalized born citizen of the United States can become President of the country. Well my friends, Obama was born in Kenya - just ask his proud paternal grandmother who recently spoke about him. And even if Obama's bogus certificate & claims are legitimate that he was born in Hawaii, he would have lost his American citizenship when his mother married his stepfather who enrolled him in a school in Indonesia, and the only way that was possible is if his stepfather adopted or acknoledged him, making Obama an Indonesian citizen, and under Indonesian law, could not have dual citizenship; thus, at best, even if Obama would have gone through immigration to get back his American citizenship, he already lost his right as an naturalized born citizen, disqualifing him to be president of this country. Anyone who wants more info on this, just has to turn to (This is a website based on the findings of Philip Berg, Esq.
lifelong Democrat and former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, who sued Obama in August, but the legal system in the United States is corrupt through & through).


It has been exactly seven years since the United States started war in Afghanistan on the night of Hoshana Rabba. Now the next stage will be when Gog will be coming to fight Israel (May Hashem save us from the worst) as predicted by Yechezkel Perek 38.

Now, who is Gog? Very simple answer. Start with Yechezkel 38:2 with the word Nasi (means leader and rhymes with Nazi) with the letter Alef. Now, count seven letters after the Alef. The seventh letter is a Vav, continue on with every seventh letter, which will be the letters Bais, Aleph, Mem, Hei. This is Obama's last name spelled in Hebrew - 6 letters in exactly every 7th letter! (Accordingly, Magog is the U.S.A. Magog is the numberical value of 52 - includes the 50 States, Washington D.C. & Puerto Rico) Also, the word Rosh (head) following the word Nasi- is the Gematria (501) of his full name spelled as indicated by the letters - Beis,Reish,Kuf Ches,Vov,Samech,Yud,Yud,Nun Alef,Vov,Beis,Alef,Mem,Hei. The number 501 is also the same Gematria as Yishmaelim, as well as the Roshei Teivos (acronym) of the Eser Makkos (Ten Plagues) of Mitzrayim - Dtzach, Adash, B'Achav. The first of these ten Makkos - Dam (blood) is the numerical value of 44, and we are on the verge of the United States appointing the 44th President of the country that is refered to as Edom, consisting of 51 states which includes its Capitol of Washington D.C., the residence of the United States President. Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato of righteous memory predicted this a few hundred years ago. In his Sefer entitled Tefillos L'Ramchal - Prayer 307 mentions "Enslave under You (Hashem) the "BLOOD" (Dom=44) which is the KINGDOM of EDOM=51 (states), and the forbidden fat (Chailev) which is the KINGDOM of YISHMAEL" !

Let us not forget the last Posuk of Toldos where Esav, who represents Edom, went to Yishmael shortly before the latter's demise, to marry his daughter. There is nothing in history since then that more resembles this than the country which is Edom is looking to elect its Rosh by a majority vote, someone who is a descendant of Yishmael, and a follower of its religion, who will, Chas V'Shalom, be the "Dam(ned)" President. And how is this predicted to happen? "B'Maaseh Yedaichem"("with the work of your hands") - also the Gematria of 501 - by the votes of the liberal Democratic Jews who call him a "lantzman" (as one Jewish guy in a Boca Raton temple called Obama, who was there addressing the crowd, called him, translating it to him as "brother" which I happened to see live on the internet a few months back). These two words are the concluding words of the next to the last Posuk of Parshas Vayeilech, which is the 5751th Posuk of the Torah, which basically was Rabbi Meir Kahane ZTVK'L HY'D's message as per what could happen Chas V'Shalom if we keep giving in to the Arabs - who was murdered by an Arab in the year 5751 corresponding to this 5751th Posuk of the Torah (it's interesting how he was in the forefront attempting to prevent Jesse Jackson, another anti-Semitic black, from being U.S. President, who has been spotted being in a photo together with Obama).

The 5751th verse of the Torah reads in full (Deutronomy 31:29) "For I know that after my death (of Moses) that you will surely act corrupt, and stray from the way that I have commanded you, and evil will happen to you in the end of days, because of the evil that you will do in Hashem's eyes to anger him with the work of your hands". The Ba'al HaTurim points out that there are two places in the Torah that the word V'Koros (rather than V'Koroso) is spelled in the Torah. Once over her - V'Koros Eschem HaRa'ah - "evil will happen to you", the other place - V'Koros Shemo Yishmael - "You shall call his name Yishmael". Interesting, the same exact spelling of the word - yet has two different translations but with the connection of Yishmael with evil happening - voting for an evil descendant of Yishmael at the "end of days" right before Moshiach's coming which will Chas V'Shalom cause much evil to happen to the very same Jews who thought Obama would be good to them to help them financially because of their votes, not caring less about his stance on Israel covering up by saying that he is good for Israel; but at the end will see that if anything, he will do the opposite, pointing the finger at the Jews for the falling economy, which is nothing new in Jewish history.

And on a concluding note, on the phrase B'Acharis HaYomim ("in the end of days")- the first three letters Beis Alef, Ches - are the Roshei Taivos, the first letters, of Obama's full name.


There are a couple of Seforim - holy books on the Parshiyot & Holidays that show the connection of Eretz Yisrael to each and every Parsha & Holiday - "Eretz Yisrael in the Parashah" & "Torah and Zionism?" If anyone has trouble finding these books, please feel free to write me on the comment line or write me at, and I'll do my best B'Ezrat Hashem to help you locate where to pick up a copy. The bottom line - living in Israel is a central theme in Judaism. Remember, we have only one life in this world - so take advantage of living in Hashem's Land the sooner the better, because once Mashiach comes, the Mitzva of living in Israel will not have the same reward as before because in the Messianic era, free choice will be much easier than it is today - and every moment one lives in Israel is more ETERNAL REWARD, the greater reward for those who make Aliyah even a split second before Mashiach comes.

May Hashem save American Jewry and allow them enough time in the narrow strech left to pack their bags and leave the dissolving Golden Calf materialism (which is happening in front of our eyes) while they still have their lives, freedom, and with whatever money is left with them to settle in what is called our along awaited Home for thousands of years which so many Rabbis and good Jews in the Diaspora in Europe, Middle East, etc. yearned for, prayed for, learned about, but were not able to ever see it beyond their control. And once again, I beg you to check out this website - may very well save your lives, your families, your friends - both physically & spiritually. (July 4, 1776 - the original Independence Day fell out on 17 Tamuz - the same date as the original Golden Calf was worshipped over 3,000 years earlier!)

NEXT POST: What does BITACHON - TRUST - have to do with the upcoming year 2009?

9 Cheshvan, 5769

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