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#6 - TRUST in 2009

As you will see in some of my previous posts - we have used the non-Jewish calendar to point out to specific years as hinted in the Torah. If someone would have told me years ago about these type of hints, maybe I would have been skeptical because after all, the years are supposed to follow the time of Hashem's creating the world, not based on someone who was Hashem's rebel child - Yeshu. But believe it or not - there is no problem wishing a non-Jew "Happy New Year" (not writing this as a Halachic decision - consult your local Orthodox Jewish rabbi) because there is in fact a verse in Tehillim (Psalms 87:6) "Hashem Yispor B'Chsov Amim" Not getting into the actual translation - this can be read as "Hashem counts according to the writing of the nations" That is, Hashem deals with the non-Jewish nations according to the way they take accounting of things. As far as they are concerned, it's now the year 2008, not 5769. So accordingly, Hashem has His ways of hinting things pertaining to them according to how they write their years. So when the terrorists of 9/11 took matters into their hands , they in effect began the period of B'Acharit HaYamim - "In the End of Days" the final era of our exile. Now note the first two letters of B'Acharit - Beit, Alef. Spelling this as a number, it's 2001, the year of this most tragic event that changed the world - leading to a seven year war until now, financed by countless money until the economy, especially in the United States, has been dwindling, and there really is no clear forcast, unlike in the past, as to when this situation will reverse.

The economy, as represented by money - consists of currency & CHANGE. On all United States money - you will see the words "In G-d we trust". Trust is BITACHON in Hebrew. The first two letters in Bitachon is Beit, Teit. Spelling this as a number, it's 2009. When Obama will officially become president, it will be in 2009. So what we will see here is one or another of these types of people - those who trust in G-d & those who trust in Obama. Before, it may have not been so evident as to who was the President of the United States as per this trust, there was not so much of a difference between one president and the next - virtually all of them were "good" Christians, had their brownie points about Israel, and all looked like the typical Caucasian American. So even if one voted for a different candidate, it wasn't so hard to come to terms. But now, there are some who have woke up and realize that indeed "CHANGE has come to America". The truth is that there are a lot of people who really trust in Hashem, at least when they realize that something is truly wrong. However, for those who have the Yetzer Hara - Evil Inclination overpowering them, it doesn't matter if Obama shows a Moslem past, if he is really not a naturalized born citizen as per the Constitutional rule for a U.S. President, if he covers up half the truth in his buttered speeches - they TRUST in Obama. That is, either one trusts in Hashem, or trusts in Obama. Period!

The proof that what I am saying is true is in the Sefer - holy book entitled Chovot HaLevavot - "Duties of the Heart". In the beginning of the section of this book called Sha'ar HaBitachon - "Gate of Trust", Rabbeinu Bachye writes "One who does not trust in G-d, trusts in someone else. And one who trusts in someone else other than Hashem, removes the Divine Providence from himself and is left into the hands of the person that he trusts in...One who trusts in G-d reaches the point that he doesn't serve anyone else, doesn't hope or expect anything from anyone, doesn't serve them to be on their good side, doesn't flatter them, and comes to agreements with them only in terms of serving G-d. Additionally, doesn't fear their agenda, isn't afraid of their arguments; on the contrary, he strips himself of their show of goodness, trouble of acknowledging them or owing them a favor in return. When it comes to exhorting them to improve their behavior - he pays no heed to their honor, and when he shows the truth to their face - he doesn't become embarrased from them, and he doesn't beautify falsehood."

In terms of the above paragraph, I won't get into all kinds of details about what has gone wrong in Jewish leadership today in their lack of trust in Hashem even among observant ("Orthodox") Jewish rabbis, laymen, and all other positions in between - in synagogues, yeshivot, organizations, especially in the United States. They show their lack of trust in Hashem, when
replaced with the Avoda Zara-idol worship of trust in money, power, politics, etc. instead. This type of situation can even come at the expense of an observant Jewish single mom who has an non-frum estranged husband with no respect for Judaism who has ties to a big bank offering financial favors to the community where almost everyone - regardless of their ties or position in the totem pole to the Jewish religion - buys into it while ignoring the fact that this mom's two children are kidnapped away from their mom, their religious upbringing and Jewish school by the corrupt court/justice system and given to this irreligious father, and some who were ordained as Orthodox rabbis stabbed her in the back and bad mouthed her to the courts. Yes my friends, this is exactly what happened several years ago in Boca Raton, Florida, as I personally witnessed; and while I will not mention any further names here other than the city in which this happened at this time, it doesn't come so much to a surprise to me seeing a photograph of a kipa/skullcap/yarmulke (means "fear of G-d") with the words Obama '08. Is it all that different than Hitler 1939, or Sadat 1979, or Arafat 1993?


Since my previous post, I sent an E-mail to the American guys who predicted Obama's rise to presidency several months back when it was far from obvious - who have their radio broadcasts entitled "Light out of Darkness" - about my new blogspot mentioning their website and that I have mentioned different things that they have said. They wrote back to me that according to the statistics - 78% of voting Jews voted for Obama - reflecting close to the 80% of Jews who refused to leave Egypt, and were left there to die in Galut - exile.

Several months back - a month before Purim, I wrote the following to the above radio hosts. The following is dealing with the Hidden Codes in the Torah, where letters spelled equidistantly - that is - with the same amount of spaces between each letter (for example, in the word LETTERS - L, T, E, S - every 2nd letter that might spell a word) can signify something with other words or phrases near this encoded word give meaning to one another - and can be quite fascinating, especially when it comes to world events. I won't bother putting quotes to the following - but this is what I wrote to these radio hosts: (NOTE: Basically, the words in parenthesis is what I added now for anyone who may not know Hebrew so well)

To note, you noted Obama's full name to be the Gematria of 501. Yet, we know that sometimes that some names can be spelled more than one way - with or without a Vav or an Alef.

So, I typed Obama's name as Barak Obama (Beit, Reish, Koof, Alef, Vav, Beit, Mem, Hei) without a second Alef (unlike in the Gematria of 501). It can be spelled equidistantly exactly one time - (every 22126th letter). The line that the Koof is spelled for his name is the line that ends with the Korbon (animal sacrifice) of Nachshon for Shevet Yehuda, and the beginning of the Korbon fof Nesanel for Shevet Yissachar.

What you will see on this line are four words that can be spelled all referring to Obama! First is the word NACHASH (snake)- the first three letters in Nachshon's name. Besides the word as an adjective, I think it wouldn't be far from the truth to say that Obama "snaked" his way to the U.S. candidacy. The second word is HASHNAYA - CHANGE (more on this in a minute). The third word is LAVAN (the Biblical Laban, literally means white) - who in the context in Sefer Bereshis is called by that name according to Chazal is because he was the first to make sins appear as white or innocent, and with his clever talent, wound up fooling even Yaakov Avinu (a little ironic in the literal sense for Obama), and the fourth and final word is NASI (leader).

Now for the word HASHNAYA. There are only two times in the Chumash that this word can be spelled consecutively. The only other time is in Parshas HaMan (section in the Torah about the manna that the Jews ate in the desert for 40 years), in the very Posuk (verse) that describes the scenario of the first Friday morning that Bnei Yisrael (the Jews) woke up to discover a double portion of Manna from what they received the other days of the week, a CHANGE from the other days of the week (it's spelled amidst three words - Mishneh Shnei Haomer). And back to our context - it's spelled in the beginning of the section for the Korbonos (animal sacrifices) of Shevet Yissachar - in the words Hasheni Hikriv. Rashi on this very part of the Pasuk asks why Hikriv is written only by this Shevet and no other Shevet - hence a CHANGE from the way the wording is for the other Shevatim.

You will notice that the word HASHNAYA in both instances is using a key word Shnei (2) or Sheni (2nd). This exactly describes the situation the United States today - everyone is tired of the "same old thing" happening, so anything that rings the word CHANGE as an alternative or a SECOND way of looking at things is what this is all about.

Now, looking further in Rashi, you will see the reason given to his questiong - Shevet Yissachar had competition! Shevet Reuven wanted to be the SECOND one to bring his Korbon after Shevet Yehuda. It was hard enough for Reuven to accept the fact that Yehuda came before him, despite the qualities of Nachshon of Shevet Yehuda who was the brother-in-law of Aharon who brought his Korbon the same day that Aharon started his service as Kohen Gadol (High Priest). Al Achas Kama V'Kama - certainly so with the U.S. presidential candidates!

Next, Rashi asks why it says Hikriv TWICE by Shevet Yissachar, when not mentioned even once by the other Shevatim (sounds like the Ma Nishtana on Pesach-Redemption night when we ask why we dip the vegetable TWICE on this night when we don't do it even once on other nights). The TWO reasons Rashi gives for this - Firstly: Shevet Yissachar were exceptionally knowledgable in Torah described as Yodei Bina L'Itim - responsible as part of the Sanhedrin for establishing the intercalation of the year. We know from Chazal that once Bnei Yisrael were given the Mitzva of Kiddush HaChodesh (sanctification of the New Month)- we have power over time. The Talmud Yerushalmi notes that a girl under three years who loses her virginity can buy time to regain her virginity by the addition of an additional month for a leap year - thus indicating that we can CHANGE the course of events thru time. Secondly: It was Shevet Yissachar - particular the Nasi (leader) of the Shevet - who gave this idea of the Shevatim bringing Korbonos - to the other Nesiim (leaders). Speaking of Nesi'im - presidents in terms of change, the Torah couldn't pick a better place to be using the word AND concept of HASHNAYA than in reference to a Nasi to hint Elef Havdalot to the next (Nasi or Nazi) President, whom you described in Daniel 7:25 as one who will "think to CHANGE the TIMES and the LAW" (NOTE: this was mentioned several months BEFORE Philip Berg Esq. sued Obama in August for running as U.S. President as a NON-naturalized born citizen! )

Now, what number president will the next U.S. President be? We know that George Bush II is President 43 or Mem Gimel - the Roshei Teivot (first letters) of Gog-Magog. So President 44 is Mem Daled - the letters of Dam - blood(shed). And yes, President 44 is spelled exactly one time in the entire Tnach (Bible)- in Parshas Pinchas after Pinchas slays Zimri & Kozbi - Hashem tells Moshe to fight Midian for they "harrassed you" and "beguiled you" about the sin of Peor and Kozbi bas NESI MIDIAN - the leader of Midian. Mem Daled are the first two letters of Midian who looked to attack Bnei Yisrael physically AND spiritually. Well, this is what Islam is all about - Moslems believe in conquering the whole world in one way or another. In Walid Shoebat's words, the whole thing about the Moslem Arabs claiming Israel as Palestine is all about religion - not "land for piece(s)" - if we would all convert to their religion - there would be peace in the region, otherwise, infidels have no place in their world.

In the Ramchal's 515 prayers (the Ramchal is Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, a big Torah scholar & Kabbalist who passed away at the young age of 39) for revealing Hashem's Kingship to the world and bringing the Geula (redemption)- there is a phrase (Tefilla 307) associating blood-Dam with Malchus Edom (U.S.A.) and Chailev (forbidden fat) with Malchus Yishmael (Arab/Moslem rule). The root basis of the connection between the two is Esav-Edom who came to Yishmael in the latter's last days on earth to marry his daughter.

May we all witness immediately "V'David Avdi Nasi Lahem L'Olam" - "My servant (King) David will be the leader over them (the world) forever" (Yechezkel 37 - Haftara for Parshas Vayigash).


In my previous blog as it related to last week's Parsha, I quoted the verse describing the Arabic race ruling the world. If you were to put the letters of the Hebrew of this verse together, you will find some animals and other not wanted things here.

In the phrase PERE ADAM - "wild-ass of a man" particular in the word ADAM (man) is the word DAM-BLOOD. As mentioned earlier, this is the Gematria of 44, and we know who the 44th U.S. President is slated to be. Next phrase YADO VAKOL - "His hand will be against everyone" Last two letter in YADO - his hand, and first letter in VAKOL - against everyone, together spells DOV-BEAR. Also, the word VAKOL has the same Hebrew letters as KELEV-DOG. Next phrase - "V'YAD KOL BO" - "everyone's hand will be against him". The first three Hebrew letters in the phrase - KOL BO - everyone against him - again spell the word KELEV-DOG.

NEW TOPIC FOR NEXT TIME: It happens only a few times in a human lifetime. It is celebrated as a big event in Jewish life. It's not a bird or a plane, it's...keep looking in the sky...

12 Cheshvan, 5769

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